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Name: Aya
Age: 16
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Deep Blue
Likes: Sweets, Creepypasta, Reading, Music, Drums, Piano
Dislikes: Being dependent on others and the cold. 
Siblings: A older sister, 2 younger sisters, and a younger brother
Color: I'm more of a monotone person with some blues and greens

Personality: I am shy until I know you well enough, I don't depend on people alot, I am brutally honest and I will tell you when you are wrong, I apologize if I'm wrong, I don't talk about what I can do but more of what I cant do, I am very VERY funny (or so I'm told) I try to be kind. 

Bio: Aya was always that 'loner' who everyone made fun of because she had her nose in a book or headphones in. She never told anyone her darkest secrets and still wont, she plays the drums and piano, a little bit of violin and writes, one day she wants to be a famous drummer. 
When people make fun of her she flips them off and ignores them. Her mum left her on her 10th birthday and her father got re-married to a woman who already 2 snot nosed brats. So now, Aya practically lives her life on the internet and hides in her room. 

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Name: Kotetsu Hagane
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Jinchuuriki: An un-named Two-tailed cat.
Shinobi Rank: Chunin
Clan: Hagane Ichizoku
Jutsu: Water style
Secret Jutsu: Hagane Koutai
Weapons: Generally uses his father's Ninjato, which is about 2.5' long. Other than that, he uses all forms of ninja tools and weapons. Also specializes in dual chained scythes, similar to Black Star's.
Personality: Lonely, honest (sometimes brutally), kind, quiet, understanding.
Bio: Kotetsu Hagane was the son of an honorable Hagane clan member, and a Chunin who never achieved the rank of Jūnin. His father, a member of the Hagane clan, was also an Anbu Black ops assassin when he was younger. Kotetsu was offered an easy entrance into the ranks of the Anbu, but denied the invitation. His father was killed during one of his outings for the group. Kotetsu still keeps his father's old armor and Ninjato from when he was younger. He sacrificed himself to protect the village from a giant two-tailed cat by having the beast sealed inside him.


Name: Ketsueki misuto gijutsu (Blood Mist Technique) 
Type: Ninjutsu 
Rank: B 
Requirements: Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist technique) 
Description: This technique is almost exactly like the Hidden Mist technique, except that the mist is a mix of blood and water, giving the user a better opportunity to use blood-related jutsu's. The user uses water chakra to fill gaps in the blood's density, making it appear as if the fog was made of only blood. However, in truth, the move is mostly water. The density of blood depends on the amount used, and the spread of the jutsu.

Description of Hagane Koutai:

Bloodlimit Name: Hagane Koutai (Blood Shift)
Rank E Ninjutsu
Description: The basis to all of the Hagane clan’s abilities, this forces the blood to the surface of the body, unlike most individuals the clans blood cells are prokaryotic making them tougher, and allowing for faster replication. The mitochondria are excited by the users chakra allowing for the manipulation to occur. 

Bloodlimit Name: Aka Hari (Bloody Needle)
Rank D Ninjutsu 
Description: Blood is drawn into the hand from a wound, hardened, and flung like traditional needles. They stay solid depending on how much chakra is imbued in them. 

Bloodlimit Name: Aka Tanto (Bloody Dagger)
Rank D Ninjutsu 
Description: Blood is drawn into the palm to form a Tanto. It can be used in pairs. 

Bloodlimit Name: Aka Yaiba (Bloody Blade)
Rank C Ninjutsu 
Description: Blood is pooled into the hand and shaped into various bladed weapons depending on the user. (i.e. Ninjato, Katana, Tai Chi sword, etc.) Twice as much blood is needed in comparison to the Aka Tanto. 

Bloodlimit Name: Aka Bara (Bloody Thorns)
Rank C Ninjutsu
Description: The user travels rapidly around his opponent's path, creating blood trails on the ground. When path is set the user must have some physical contact with some part of the path. Applying chakra causes the path to sprout a “bramble” of spikes. 

Bloodlimit Name: Aka Hitoame (Bloody Shower)
Rank B Ninjutsu
Description: The user, having suffered moderate wounds on body, forces blood to spray forth from his body in all directions. After the proper hand seals are formed the user extends body hands out and Hundreds of tiny needle like spikes explode out at various angles. 

Bloodlimit Name: Aka Haretsu (Bloody Rupture)
Rank A Ninjutsu
Description: If a fairly decent amount of the users blood makes its way into the opponent via the jutsu's or forced in by ingestion, the user can form the necessary signs for the seal to be place on the opponent by contact only where the blood in his system rapidly accelerates and dies causing tiny micro-explosions in the body. 

Hagane Clan: The Hagane Clan is mid-sized family of blood jutsu ninja. They may not claim to be the only group of ninja to have mastered this form of Ninjutsu, but they do pride themselves in the fact that their chakra enables them to regenerate blood, allowing them to use their jutsu without weakening from blood loss.

Pic on the right: Kotetsu in normal clothing, his most natural appearance.
Pic in the middle: Dual chain scythes
Pic on the left: Kotetsu in his father's Anbu Black Ops. armor.
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Name: Alex Crow
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6ft
Gender: Male
.Rope Dart-a harpoon tip like blade with a chord attached to the handle and to a mechanism which retracts the chord back to the user.
.Knife-Six inch, folded tempered steel.
.Tomahawk- solid steel.
.40 caliber pistol-Seven shot.
.Dress shirt-white
.Tie-dark green
.Shoes-black leather
.Gloves-black leather
.Leather Gauntlets-1/4 inch
Personality: Serious, destructive, easily angered.


Kotetsu sits on the roof of a building, seeming lost in thought (+Lauren Elizabeth .B)

Hey +Lauren Boyer, is there a certain setup for profiles?

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Name: Shay Victoria Prior
Age: 13
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Likes: Reading and swimming
Dislikes: Being late
Personality: Bossy, Polite Stubborn, Brave, Selfless 
Siblings: Caleb and Beatrice
Friends: Susan and Casey a secret friend from Dauntless
Animal: Bear
Colour: Purple

Name: Shay Prior
Lives: Chicago in the Abnegation sector
Likes: Reading 
Hates: Being Late
Personality: Bossy, Polite, Stubborn

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