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Hello, and welcome to Aminals, a community featuring the animals in this world! Now, to make this simple, I will state the things that are allowed in the community:

Animal Humor
Cool Pictures of Animals
Facts(they can be joke facts
Art of Animals
Animal Videos (compilations)
Pictures of Your Pets
(For Mods/Owners)

The pictures can not have:
Hate of Any Kind
Anything involving the words *Reshare, repost, reblog, forward, +1, like, etc.

Anything else is not allowed. If you have any questions regarding the community, comment them below!
If you're having any problems with anyone in this community, inform the owner.
If you feel like there needs to be a change in rules (add this, allow that, remove this) tell a moderator or the owner.
List of Moderators:
+Trico​​ (Original Owner)
+jordan s​​​​
+Philip Reynolds​​​​

Share this community! Spread the word. I hope you enjoy your time here. Have a great day!

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Snail move in water

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Originally shared by ****
follow how his condition and how he became.

humanity performs miracles 👏👏👏👏👏
Animated Photo

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Wnt sum snaks
Animated Photo

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Ma name jreff

Lmak what is this

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