Who are the primary O'Connor scholars today?

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The "Flannery's Porch" series is off and running. (See below for the initial announcement.) The group is using IndieGoGo so people can support the program through donations for season 2.

(I am not affiliated with "Flannery's Porch" but want to let group members know about any interesting O'Connor material out there.)

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A group of media students at the Western Kentucky University are working on an episodic documentary called Flannery's Porch.

Their goal is to tell the story of O'Connor's legacy in light of the social justice issues prevalent today--sustainability, diversity, poverty, LGBT rights, and animal rights. The documentary begins with O'Connor's farm and the two women working to save it, Elizabeth and April, both lifelong Flannery fans doing their own work to preserve her legacy.

I have only read 5 stories by her, yet each and every one of them struck a chord within me that no other author has managed to do. The latest story I have read is "The Displaced Person". 

I'm working my way through Flannery O'Connor's "The Complete Stories". Good to see a community dedicated to her.

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Found this at the book festival. 
Andalusia is an experience any O'Connor fan should partake of, and the current caretakers really love the place. If you want to help them, visit http://andalusiafarm.org/ and make a donation. 

Hello Everyone.  I've just joined  this community, but I'm  a long time fan of Flannery O'Conner.  I studied her work at University of South Carolina in the '80's.  I named my daughter after her. I was inspired recently to create a series of songs based on A PRAYER JOURNAL.  Just wanted to post "HEY" and hear some others' thoughts on the JOURNAL.

Who represents the estate of Flannery O'Connor -- I have a permissions question.

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Here’s a photo of a plaque in Iowa City, Iowa, honoring FOC. It’s embedded in the sidewalk and is part of the city’s “Literary Walk,” which honors writers who have a connection to Iowa. A lot of them studied at University of Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop in Iowa City, such as FOC. My son is living/working on an organic farm there, and we spent a recent weekend visiting him. It’s a wonderful college town, pretty river, and one can imagine a young FOC arriving in 1946 from Georgia, getting off the train, ready to study journalism/cartooning. The quote on the plaque? “Everywhere I go I’m asked if I think the universities stifle writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them.”

I have a large "brick" on my nightstand... the book, "T.C. Boyle Stories II." The 944-page tome contains many of his short stories from the past 18 years. In his preface, Boyle gives much praise to O'Connor, citing the "defining moment" when  he decided to become a writer was reading "A Good Man is Hard to Find." He says, "here was the sort of story that subverted expectations, that began in one mode — situation comedy — and ended wickedly and deliciously in another." Who are some other short story writers people like, whether influenced by FOC or not?
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