Hi! I was wondering if anyone was literate/semi-literate and would like to do a Hamilton/Detroit: Become Human crossover rp? Perhaps with Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullete (or just one of those.) Thank you!

I would prefer to do it on Line, so if you have that then that'd be awesome.

Alrighty +Alexander Hamilton is the boss

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Name: Ella Laurens

Appearance: (Picture below)

Personality: Shy, likes hanging out with John's friends, doesn't open up easily. Only John and Lafayette can get her to open up.

Race: American.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Skills: She's a writer. Not like Hamilton, but she does help him sometimes. She tends to end up drawing a lot too. She wanted to be in the war, but decided against it in the end.

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, scaring the guys. Hanging out with the Schuyler sisters.

Dislikes: Jefferson, Madison, Burr at one point, King George III, Mariah Reynolds. The list continues.

Bio: She's the younger sister of John Laurens. Sometimes she feels like everyone only cares about her brother, but Laf tries showing her that her cares about her too.

Age: A year and a half younger than Laurens.

Ok. I made my decision. I need someone to be the next owner.

Halo I'm the new owner! :) So anyone wanna Rp??

Name: Garrison Schuyler

Appearance: Wavy Brunette hair, Red vest, red coat, Silver Eyes

Personality: Calm and preserved, Mature, analysis

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Skills: Can hunt with an musket or rifle, Playing the flute, Speaking in French only

Likes: His younger brother Harvey, Family, friends

Dislikes: Him crying, someone hurting his younger brother feelings feelings

Bio: Garrison Schuyler the first son of Wilbur and Isabelle Schuyler. As a young age he was a prodigy, and by the time he was 6 his father take him out for hunting and shot his first prey: a deer with a musket. When his brother was born he was very protective of him. Although he was 6 years older than Elizabeth he was very close to her.

Age: 6 or 9 or 12 or 19

AUs: Any Au

Name: Harvey Schuyler

Appearance: Shaggy messy Light brown hair, A blue eye and a Hazel green eye, a pair of steam punk goggles, a brown vest and brown coat

Personality: Bold, Somewhat mischievous

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Skills: Can build with metal, can make chemicals, can hunt with a bow

Likes: His older brother Garrison, Family, friends

Dislikes: Him crying, someone hurting his older brother feelings

Bio: Harvey Schuyler the second son of Wilbur and Isabelle. As a child Harvey was interested in science and buildings. On his 4 birthday he got a pair of goggles and wear them. Although he loved buildings he was also mischievous and Bold so he often spoke out his mind on society. He became very close with his family as a child and will never leave anyone's side

Age: 3 or 4 or 9 or 16

AUs: Any Au

I really want to do a historical Hamliza RP. Anyone up for it?

I want to do a Lams fluff RP. Anybody up for it?

Name: Wilbur Schuyler

Appearance: Straight up light brown hair, Dark blue eyes, Mostly what ever William's wearing but darker.

Personality: Short temper, Ambitious, Daring, Brave and mischief.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Skills: Nightmare mode (Where one eye is black all the way and gives him strength), Playing the flute, Speaking in French only

Likes: His younger twin brother William, Family, friends

Dislikes: Him crying, someone hurting his twin brother feelings, someone hurting his older sisters feelings, the fact he has Nightmare mode, arguing with any of his siblings, His siblings losing trust in him

Bio: Wilbur Schuyler the older twin brother of William Schuyler, the younger brother of the Schuyler sisters, and Elizabeth uncle. When William and Wilbur was about ten, Wilbur fell off a small cliff hitting a rock and end up hitting his left eye causing to have the nightmare mode. As years went by Wilbur got married to a woman named Isabelle and had two sons name Garrison and Harvey (Ocs). Fought the war with William too. Many more years went on he became ever more closer to William and his daughter Elizabeth. Also got closer with the Schuyler sisters.

Age: 23 or 27 or 29 or 43 (depends on me)

AUs: Any Au.
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