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This is my drawing rainbow dash of rainbow factory

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I was flying then u run into u

// Hey, we need more roleplay posts. oHo
// ...Nuff said.

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(I'm gonna sign up the bat/pegasus version of my oc)

Name: Blood Fire
Age: around 25
Gender: mare
Species: half bat pony half pegusus
Cutie mark: 3 blood drops with a black fire in the middle one
Bio: was born from a pegasus and a bat pony. Was teased as filly. And was brutally beaten by her father. She now works at the Rainbow Factory to seek revenge on the ones who hurt her. Fell in love with Discorded Dr. Whooves.

Herro :3

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I am rea doing this.
Race:earth pony
Reason:hey guys!im gust ur average mlp fan,who like making mlp series,hanging with PFF'sand doing mlp and lps videos.
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz acept me.

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NAME: Violet Scotch
RACE: earth
UNIQUE THINGS: always wheres a cyan blue hoodie
AGE: 16
CM: a pencil with a purple swirly line coming in it
GENDER: mare (female)
MANE: pink, with purple outer highlight
COAT: white
EYES: dark purple
HAIR TYPE: half head is short (kinda like skrillix) tail parted, ruff
COAT TYPE: fluffy, not like fluffle puff but to the point where her coat is shaggy (for EX. look in the pictures)
PERSONALITY: brave, bipolar, pessimistic, lazy, loud, often rude, sharing, nice when around friends, messy, condescending
LIKES:drawing, books, bully awareness day, and hoodies
DISLIKES: bullies, broken pencils, copy cats, and coloring her drawings

BIO: when she was a young filly (around 9, 10) she was bullied. It went on to the point where they picked on her physically. She finally had enough, she picked up a text book they bumped out of her saddle bag and used it. She got a couple bruises, but in the end it was those colts that would never do a thing like that. After the fight alot of ponies feared her. It wasnt until about two years later in sixth grade that a new girl arrived. Her name was blue jeans (a pony that liked to sew and up cycle clothes) Violet and her got along very well. Blue Jeans showed Violet how to be kind, she also tought her how to draw (it was blue jeans other hobbie) Violet already began to out shine Blue Jeans, but she didnt mind. (Thats where she earned her cutie mark) later on word got out that they were friends, the colts heard this and started to bully Blue Jeans. Violet tried to stop it every time she could, but the would hold her back. It got so bad to the point where Blue Jeans comminted suicide. Violet found Blue Jeans in her house...still on the rope. Violet pulled her off it, it was too late. She called the police and told them about the colts that harrassed her, they were never found. Violet moved into Blue Jeans house (Blue Jeans lived alone) and filled it with drawings of Blue jeans. She still lives there and goes to the same school. She now has 0 friends, but forced the school to make Bue Jeans death bullying awareness day, she is in charge of makeing the flyers and banners, and posters (though they are almost the same) but not to her, she spends the whole year working on them. (She is open to friends, but they don't normally stay)
(Btw the pictures down there are all drawn by me, and the one with grey hair is Blue jeans)
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Here is my 1st profile. :3
Name:     Rose Blossom
Gender:   Female
Race:       Pegasus
Age:         Around teens. 17.
About:     Almost always happy, loves what she dose but tells no one
                 about it but who also works with her. 
Cm and Talent: A Heart with a ring around it. 
                           Convincing/Debatable. Making friends and Being
                            sociable. Not shy at all.
Bio: Grew up loving All the colors with in the rainbow, then she
          learned how the rainbow was made. She learned thin when she
          was in a fight with her friends. The friends that did not accept
           her apology when to become something she loved. 
Family:             Her mom.
Occupation:    In Equestria, A cameral sails person.
Job in Rainbow Factory:  Get ponies to the factory and trick them to
                                              go there.

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Best pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... I'ma start a role play! I will be role playing as rainbow dash, and arctic rush!

Rd: i walk into the factory and look around. I know that the time has come. It was going to rain out any minute! They needed to collect as many ponies as they could. "Anypony here?" I cry out. Then my manager comes. ((Open RP))

((Anyone else can join either as ponies that work here, or ponies that we're gonna kill.))

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