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Updated Community Rules.

1) DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER ARGUE WITH A MOD (Unless he is wrong for sure, in which case tag me or another mod.

2) We do NOT accept Hackers. (They make us look bad)

3) Please don't start fights.

4) Mods might do routine check ups on you guys (mainly me) no worries we aren't out to get you, just checking in on you πŸ˜€!

5) Do NOT rant on spam waves. Tag us mods first. (The more you call a post spam, the 'spam rating' is lowered, and Google pays less attention to it)

6) Enjoy! πŸ˜€

7) Rules may be updated at any time by a mod.ο»Ώ

8)if you must mod, DO NOT BRAG. ο»Ώ

Mods to tag:


+Muller Fan28​​​​​

+Gensace X​​​​

+Cyan Animations​​

Unfortunately I can't tag the rest. So if you are a mod and you can tag the rest in the comments, that would help!

Someone with lots of time on their hands please take over. Owning a dying community is like an abortion.

This Community dead or awake?

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anyone still posting
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Yeah I think So
Meh probaly i am taking a vacation eta

The Gang has Officaily arrived

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Is it good?


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Dude: Pixel Gun is Great now thanks to the new update!

Literally every person who plays/ played Pixel gun:
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Calling all my Friends come and chat plz

I won battle Mech Today im so happy
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