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Character Template

Name: (Ben, Kathleen, Sally, George,...)
Type: (toxic, plastic, paper, compost,,...)
Race: (spork, water bottle, diaper, banana peel,...)
Destination/goals: (recycle, space, nuclear waste,...)
Origins/backstory: (cafeteria, baby, grocery store,...)
Image: (how your object looks like)

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Name: Alex
Type: compost
Race: congealed banana peel and half melted gummy bears
Destination/goals: a more stable form, but hopefully, one day, a nice community garden to help grow a large oak tree (doesn't realize gummy bears are probably not great for a garden)
Origins/backstory: Susan thought it was a great idea to invite some Timmy's friends 'round for a little popsicle making party on July 24, which happened to be one of the hottest days off the year. The left over banana peels and dropped gummy bears gave birth to the now sentient slimy glob that is Alex.
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