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here you can publish any useful information about dubai. to advise places for visiting, restaurants, night clubs, bars, discos. It is interesting to read your feedback about these places, which ones you want to visit again and which ones you will not notice

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Burj Khalifa,
the tallest building in the world, the most advanced driverless metro,
the most enormous shopping- centers, the most amazing artificial islands, and much more,
of course, is the most awaits you in this wonderful place called Dubai.
Burj Halifaurzh halifa- the world's tallest skyscraper, the height of its 828 meters (number of floors - 163), 180 meters falls on the spire (of course is the longest in the world).
Dubai Burj Khalifa holds a hotel, apartments, offices,
viewing platforms, and it also applies the system of fountains ( the famous musical fountain in Dubai ), lifts the water to a height of 150 meters.
The main observation deck of Burj Khalifa, called At the Top.
It is on the 124-125 floors of the building at a height of 452 meters.
The highest observation deck of Burj Khalifa is 148 floor
height - 555 meters. Both sites are open to visitors.
Prices vary depending on the site itself, visiting time,
waiting time and, in some cases, the age of the visitor (children under 4 years free access).
Ticket prices.
Normal ticket costs 125 dirhams (time-dependent) but it will have to withstand a great place.
Express ticket which allows you to go to the site without waiting in line, worth 300 dirhams.
A visit to the highest viewing platform At the Top SKY
148 floor stands 350/500 dirhams depending on the time of the visit.
Tickets for the Burj Khalifa
ticket for the observation deck can be purchased at the box office on the first level, the Burj Khalifa.
Buy ticket for the Burj Dubai Internet you can on this page,
the site Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall.

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Legoland Dubai - Park for an exciting family vacation. Breathtaking attractions, a roller coaster and an endless array of entertainment in the park Legoland Dubai.

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Vacation with children
Dubai is one of the most incredible, unrepeatable world resorts. The amount of entertainment in this city simply can not be counted! This beautiful city always wants to stay ahead of the planet in terms of comfort and care for tourists - this is an undisputed world leader! Undoubtedly, Dubai surrounds with attention and its young guests and creates for them the atmosphere of a daily fairy tale with involvement in all sorts of adventures!

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The exhibition and entertainment complex in the Global Village is a large-scale thematic fair, which takes place in Dubai Park every year from November to early April. It consists of 39 pavilions and each of them represents this or that country of the world. Each such pavilion acquaints visitors with their culture, dances, crafts and, of course, with national cuisine. Visitors can buy various souvenirs with ethnic color and plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday according to the traditions of this or that country.
Walking through the fair - an excursion full of village dubai
The admission fee is 15 AED, but for each separate attraction, payment is made separately. Free admission is provided for children under three years old, for the elderly (after 65), and for people with disabilities.

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One of the incredible sights of Dubai is a giant aquarium, located in the largest in the Middle East shopping mall "Dubai Mall".
Volume of the tank - 10 million liters of water, there are around 33 000 marine animals, more than 140 of their species. Here you see stingrays, octopus, sharks, crabs, and a wide variety of all kinds of fish, from time to time there are new species. Also on the background of the aquarium, you can be photographed, and the bravest can swim among the sea creatures. If you have a certified diver, advanced training course is not required
the size of the aquarium with a three-story house and a length of 50 meters made to the Guinness Book of Records as the Akvarium_v_Dubaethe largest indoor aquarium in the world. Above the aquarium is a zoo where you can see penguins, snakes and reptiles, as well as marine research center. On the second floor there is a souvenir shop.
And the best part is that you can see this miracle for free by simply visiting Dubai Mall.

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