It looks like there is a print edition of Sentinels being offered on LuLu.  Is that the version that us PDF adopters are supposed to get a coupon for, or can that only happen for the Drivethru/RPGNow version?  Either way...I will be needing a print version....soonish  :)

Hi there,
Will Saga of the Splintered Realms get any love now you have a new project?

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Hahah, came back on to say I really enjoyed the look of the newsletter, and the circus intro had me laughing :).

Gave you a 20 for first newsletter- go buy yourself a reward pie and drink and keep up the good work.

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Made a google+ to write here. Micheal I check your blogspot often, just can't be bothered commenting. Anyway, Anyone have any good AP's of this, or  any ideas where to write about our experiences with the game to get it attention? Personally the funnest RPG I've tried, a recent hired gun mode campaign especially. 

I became hooked on the MTDAA RPG when I picked up the 1st edition booklet back in the late 1990's.   I just love the concept of playing anthropomorphic military ants!  

The game has gone through several editions.  The earlier editions played like more traditional role-playing games.  The fourth edition of the game, MTDAA: Resolute Edition Core Rules was a rule-light system derived from Splintered Realms Publishing Resolute game system.

The fifth and current edition, MTDAA: Legacy Edition, is also a fast-paced rules-light game system.  It is easy to pick up and play after a few minutes of reading.  The current edition refines and compiles nearly all of the campaign information from the previous editions, and also incorporates Michael T. Desing's latest work on the MTDAA comic series from both print and web versions.
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