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Women reach for organic food, natural skin care, clothes with natural fibers, even natural hair pieces.
But how many of us actually think about natural sanitary protection?
Unlike the other brands, Veeda brings more transparency to the feminine care industry, we stop the mystery ingredient madness,  we'll always tell you what's in our tampons (100% cotton!)

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So glad I found this group! I am a licensed massage therapist working out of Centennial. I love my career and am really excited to hear from other that care about natural health in Denver. #massagemonday #botanicbodywork  

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+University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) sets itself apart by providing acupuncture services for cancer patients. Not only does this offer new options in cancer treatment, integration of Chinese medicine and Western medicine elevate the quality of care provided at UCH.
Also, it is commendable for the Center for Integrative Medicine at UCH to hire a Licensed Acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental medicine to perform acupuncture services instead of using one of the allopathic physicians on staff.
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Doctors are now including acupuncture as part of their treatment strategy for cancer patients, merging the ancient practice with powerful modern medical techniques. UCH is leading the way in providing a wider range of choices for patients, and acupuncture gives many patients some relief from their symptoms.

"Traditional ancient medicine with western current medicine are bringing people the best chance they have to get well and stay well and prevent illness in the first place," says Jordan Mann who works in the Integrative Medicine branch of the hospital.

Watch how one patient is using acupuncture to help with cancer from #FOX31:

Tell us: Do you ‘like’ the idea of using acupuncture to improve the lives of cancer patients?

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I met +Andrew Holecek at a workshop in Boulder after reading his first book: The Power and the Pain. I especially enjoyed his genuine presence and breadth of experiential knowlege in Tibetan meditation.

Do you practice Tibetan meditation or Dream Yoga? What's your experience with it?

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In this short introductory video, I give a brief background into what dream yoga is and some ways to induce lucid dreams.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine: Revival of the Herb Soup

This post offers a quick introduction to a potent system of medicine that consists of mixing natural substances into a pot and brewing them together like an herb soup. Sounds interesting? The research is out there to support its efficacy.

Unlike over-the-counter herbal remedies, Chinese herbal formulas are designed according to a specific diagnosis within the framework of Chinese medicine. Each formula has a structure that guides its therapeutic effect to the target tissue, organ or energetic function.

Read the full post at:

I think that the spirit of herbal medicine has been slowly disappearing in the name of convenience and sales. It's a shame, because the healing is in the preparation time and effort. Plus, there's something romantic about cooking a formula for a patient. A return to actual caring perhaps.

What do you think? Is this something you would drink first thing in the morning? If you find this post interesting, please +1 and add me to your circles.

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