Anna lays on her bed reading a book and smiling to herself when she hears you knock. She drops the book running to her desk, furiously trying to smooth out the wrinkles in her dress as the door opens.

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Name: Princess Ellia Frost Of Arendelle

Age: 10

Powers: none

Relationship: none so ever

Likes: ice skating, ice cream, chocolate, dancing, riding pikes around the halls, and talking to pictures on the wall, hang in there Jone, Hans and Elsa and Anna, and s'mores

Dislikes: rude people, Weasel Duke, and melted ice cream

Personality: sweet, kind, quirky, shy, afraid, dreamer

Bio: can't remember

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Name: Prince Ethan Frost
Age: 22
Powers: Ice and Snow (I never reveal them though)
Appearance: Brown Hair, Brown eyes, handsome, and athletic
Home: Saratoga
Family: the Royal family of Saratoga
Likes: the safety of my kingdom
Dislikes: the Enemies of Saratoga
Bio: I was born in the Royal family of Saratoga. I am able to control Ice and Snow, along with my other family members. I'm third in line for the throne until I was betroved to the Princess of Arendelle. I heard that the king and queen didn't accept people with powers like mine. I went anyways. I knew that I had to hide my powers, so I wear enchanted gloves that suppresses magic. Then I met Elsa in the Enchanted Forest.
Other: I have three siblings: David, William, and Rose.

(Let me know if I need to change anything)

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Name: Anna

Age: 18

Powers: None

Appearance: Glittering blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair tied into two braids, bangs on the right side of her forehead and a dust of freckles. Always wears dresses that have Rosemaling.

Home: Arendelle

Family: Adgar (Father), Idun (Mother), Elsa (sister, doesn't know)

Likes: Family, friends, chocolate, being myself

Dislikes: People keeping things from me

Bio: As a young girl, she struggled in being the poised and perfect Princess. She always wanted something more, a little adventure.

Occupation: Crown Princess of Arendelle

May I be Anna?

Name: Ally
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Powers: Shadows
Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue gray eyes, pale skin, and a few freckles 
Home: The enchanted forest
Family: None
Likes: Wolves, chocolate, and using her powers freely
Dislikes: Hiding her powers and being thought of negatively because her power is shadows
Bio: All she knows is that the enchanted forest is her home, she discovered her powers at a young age and loves to use them freely although she has to sometimes hide them when she sees others, thinking they will think she is a monster because of the fact her power is bending shadows.

May I be a sister of Anna and Elsa?
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