Real name: John fawkes

Nickname: sadistic patient

Age: 15

Gender: male

Patient ID: 4269

Race: irish

Home type area: intense treatment. Building N-6

Weight: 110 LBs

height: 5'11"

Eyes: initially grey. Turn diffirent colors for diffirent emotions.

Hair: manta black

Accent: forced american accent. Irish accent comes out when hes pissed.

Shirt: black short sleave shirt with blue sleeveless jacket

Pants: black jeans with holes

Bio: not much is known about John, all the database has on him is all of his crimes and something about him not having parents after the age of ten.

Originally in arkham for: thirty murders. Fifteen cases of arson. One failed revolution. Hacking the worlds biggest banks. Hacking the pentigon. Hacking the whitehouse.

Skills: hacking. Killing. Stealth. Can make weapons out of anything. Resourceful

Faults: picky. Lonely. Humor of a twelve year old.

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Real Name: Daniel Leonard Snart.

Alias: Snow Storm.

Other Names: Always goes by Danny. Danny Boy (Undercover/Code Name). Some people call Danny 'Kid Cold' instead of 'Snow Storm'. Danny (Plus Others) calls his-self Snow or Storm for short.

Gender: Male.

Age: 17.

Side: Evil (Unless Forced to work with heroes in order to save self/universe).

Group Association: None, but if his father was to join one he'd follow his footsteps.

Appearance: See Images Below. Will sometimes have black hair instead of blonde. ((Lucas Grabeel is my faceclaim.))

Costume/Outfit/Weapons: Ice Gun (Very Similar To His Grandfather's), but can be dismantled and form two smaller ice guns (weaker attacks, but covers multiple angles at once as it's two guns instead of one). Ice grenades (Exactly as it sounds-Releases ice over area once fired). Like his grandfather, a few fail-safes are in place with his guns: If it's removed from him without him and him alone entering the unique code in each gun, anyone in a 100 mile radius will be iced and it'll happen to fast for any speedster to outrun. The second fail-safe is that, when divided into two guns, they can not go more than 10 miles apart without, again, icing anyone in a 100 mile radius will be iced and it'll happen to fast for any speedster to outrun. Temperature resistant clothing (goggles shields eyes from ice blasts).

Powers/Abilities/Skills: No powers. Hand-to-hand combat skills (Highly Trained), Weaponist (Trained To Use Various Weapons), Trained to use various vehicles, Expert thief (Thanks to family history).

Relatives: Captain Cold/Leonard Snart (Grandfather). Lisa Snart (Great Aunt). Lewis Snart (Great Grandfather-Deceased).

Weaknesses: Would give his life for his family, mostly because if he didn't he wouldn't exist as he hasn't been born yet. He is only Human and thereby has normal Human weaknesses.

Personality: Danny can be quite similar to his grandfather at times as Snowstorm, but also is a 'kid' and can be excited or child-like/immature as Danny. He would also sometimes question others by asking his grandfather or looking to him for reassurance.

Bio: Hunting for Savage lead Rip Hunter and the team to the distant future where they found some other heroes who were saving the world by teaming up with some villains of that time. Rip was acting weird around some of the young heroes/villains but would never reveal why. After Savage fled during a fight between them and Rip's team with the future heroes/villains, Savage fired at each team member. Leonard Snart was about to be shot when one of the future villains pushed him out of the way, getting hit instead. Cold, not being as cold as it would seem, brought the young villain on board their ship as they retreated in escape. Their ship left that time and Leonard demanded that Rip was to save the 'kid' as he saved his life. Gideon stated that the boy was critically wounded and Rip insisted that there was only one way to save him. He ordered Leonard to lay down in the next medical bed, saying that in order to save the boy Leonard needed to listen to him. Leonard was sceptical, but obeyed nerveless, and Rip uses some technology to heal the boy. He revealed that he could only save him by 'copying' the DNA of a close genetic match. Father and son would be best, but grandfather and grandson worked just as well. The young villain was Leonard Snart's future grandson and Gideon stated that history insists that he never returned to his own time. The boy woke to confirm this and revealed his real name to be Daniel Leonard Snart to the team. As he had never returned to his own time, he began working with Rip's team to save the world despite, like his grandfather, being a first class criminal.

Extra Info: Danny often favours working with his grandfather than with others and often obeys him without question, excited to work with him. 
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on the streets helping cops

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calmly and silently walks down the streets headed to the iceberg lounge, a breeze strong enough to knock my hood down off of my white hair blows around Ah! Curses, stupid wind. I softly mumble to myself, I pull my hood back up when you...
(Please ask and no text talk, thanks)

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'Death walks among you'
Name: ???
Alias: Reaper
Age: ???
Affiliation: Scarecrow's army
Weapons: Hellfire Shotguns, Death Reaper
Powers: regeneration, wraith form (ghost)
Weaknesses: can only be killed by Holy weapons (but will come back to life in the netherworld)
Family: ???

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Hello I am New here. Do we have a Batman?

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(Closed to whoever is Batman)
Mr. Wayne? My name is Joseph Jacutan. I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Just a theory of who the Arkham Knight really is:

Remember Deathstroke from the Arkham Origins? theres a cliffhanger where he is invited to join a special force in exchange for the death of batman in the end. He always wanted to be like the Bat, but in a bad way. Thats why he used this as a reference for his suit in Arkham Knight. By then, civilians will start an uprising against this "false" Batman because he causes chaos on the city he sworn to protect. You may think that it wouldn't work because their suit doesnt look similar at all... That is where Scarecrow jumps in. Scarecrow will spread the fear toxin across the city that will make them delusional as seeing the Arkham Knight is the real Batman.

If this was flagged then I can confirm this theory as true.

How many character profiles are we allowed to have? Or is there no limit?

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"I hate it when the heroes are so serious..." "Makes things less fun..."
♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦

ŋame: Violet
ɕge: 21

ɠender: Female
Đate Φf ßirth: February 9, 1994

ɕlliance: Naturally Evil
ɕssociation: Would it kill to work under Joker..? Or at least someone... handsome... or unstable..? giggles

ωeapon: Violet flower petals and snake sword
ρowers: Controls petals by her hands

ωeakness: Unnatural weakness
εnemies: Guess... sighs

ρhysical ɕppearance: Violet hair, slanted slate grey eyes, & a pale complexion. Her outfit consists of a black cardigan loose enough to expose some of her bra, a short black lace skirt, & black boots with metal plates in replace of laces.

ßio: She was once a student and part-time photographer. When she was 18, she was surrounded by bad men, but was luckily saved by a man in black. Hoping to get more information, she snapped a picture of him while he dueled the crooks. Searching him the day she returned home, she stopped at nothing to try and get his attention.

During her 19th birthday, she was once again surrounded and called out for him. After countless calls, she was furious when the man in black (Bruce Wayne) never arrived. In rage, she lets out a mighty roar to puncture the crooks with sharp violet petals. Unaware and shocked by her developed power, she made a vow this power wasn't to be used for show. She was to use it to kill... for the better or for the worse
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