Just saw the movie so I can now read and comment on all your things...

The short: It was about Endings and Beginnings.

Spoilerish for Last Jedi below:

I'd just like to humble brag real quick that the theory I made here way back when was totes correct!

I said that each half of the force has a finite amount of power, explaining why Darth Sidious was so powerful and able to fool the entire Jedi council and why Rey is so off the charts strong.

Why I say I'm right is from a comment Snoke made. He predicted that as he and Kylo grew in power, Kylo's equal would likewise come to power.

All about dat balance.

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Oh man, did I laugh at this one. 

If Leia is a Disney Princess, what does that make Kylo Ren?

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The pièce de résistance of +Stephen Cheney's Star Wars re-imagining. I would so play this setting!

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+Stephen Cheney's Alternate Star Wars series continues its awesomeness.
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