As the head of the, ( Twelve Vision Party Of America )
I fully acknowledge, poverty is created by the rich, not the poor.
Cannot receive that simple truth
Delete me from you life and learn the heard way

To hell with church
In the TVP, we no do religion
As religion is the number one thief of individual rights
And that includes all religions
Religion is evil
Plain and simple
Pure evil

The purpose of tariffs is to stop business competition from other countries, one way of lowering prices is that of free world trade, if we slow down world trade or even stop world trade through tariffs, that will immediately drive up prices world wide, only a fool would use tariffs to stop unfair trade deals, tariffs cannot and will not stop bad trade deals, it only puts gasoline on the fire, a free world trade is the key element to lower prices,

The great technological revolution Mark Hamilton wrote about, has not yet taken place, our current technology is only a preview of things to come, the whole smart device is over rated, we will create computers that are safer stronger and faster then smart devices.

Many laughed at me when I dared to value peoples more then profit's, but what such fools do not understand, without people connections you stay broke, and if you mistreat people you dead end your own business for those being mistreated will walk away leaving you with nothing.
So be like me
Be the next billionaire, by valuing others, and make that your new business policy

The Neo-Cheaters have done the TVP much damage, we must expose them from within, then they will never have our future.

Many religious groups call Neo-Think evil, what they do not understand, they not allowing their fellow man to make their own choices, brings them to be evil, because what is the worst form of oppression,
But when one man forces his thinking over another, as by stagnating the thought life of others, you imprison them to your own beliefs,
That is the very thing religion does
In my simple words.
Religion is evil.

I live in Ohio, I speak for Ohio, I bring with me the purpose of having a TVP representative for all fifty states, also for every state to have their own neo think annual business summits, as to bring alive across America the fullness of the twelve visions party, and to create a grass roots movement to bring our first neo think President into office, as the goal set is 2020 in my world
It is done.

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