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Please do not break the rules

Amethyst was mining some iron when she saw Evan "who is he?" (Closed to +Anita Dream​)

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Name: Evan

Gender: male

Pokemon: Iwanko

Age: 15

Type: rock

Level: 50

Job: Miner

Personality: Evan is a timid dog with a short temper. However, he can be very outgoing, fun and polite! As young as he is, he knows the importance in life and how society can be. The scary thing is he knows from experience and not the books. In self defense at times he can become extremely viscous.

Bio: Evan appeared in the Lava mines five years ago at the age of ten. Ever since then he worked there for money to support himself, and only himself. Or so thats what he tells others.

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Name: Terrar

Gender: male

Pokemon: fusion between Groudon, Haxorous, and mega Charizard X

Age: unknown

Type: fire, ground, dragon

Level: 50

Job: none

Moves: Precipice Blades, Earth power, Dragon claw, Lava Plume

Personality: unknown

Likes: unknown

Dislikes: pokemon wandering in his chamber

Bio: Terrar is a beast that lives in the deepest part of the abandoned mines, at the end there's a chamber full of lava and rare ores. He hates it when someone comes into his chamber. He's not friendly, he also sleeps in the lava so pokemon won't know he's there. Inside the lava there is a secret area that only he can get to, unless he breaks the covered cave in his camber.

Hex was waiting for Hestia at the entrance to the Abandoned mines "Huh.. she want's to check here? well I'm interested..." (Closed to +Asriel the goat kid)

Amethyst was smashing rocks in the mines, hoping to see some jewels "Huh... nothing so far... well I'll juts have to keep looking." she heard footsteps "who's there?" (Closed to +TDUmbreonFurry)

Please add a Job to your profiles. Example: Miner, Commander, builder, or mechanic

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"who needs to be cute anyway? I just like to do work!"

Name: Amethyst

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight.

Age: 19

Pokemon: fusion between Espeon, Catbink, and Bouffalant

Type: Rock, Fairy, Psychic

Moves: psychic, rock smash, Mega horn, Protect

Job: Miner

Personality: A hard worker, very smart on mining

Likes: Mining, jewels, shiny metals, smashing rocks, taking breaks from time to time

Dislikes: Rock slides, falling rocks, getting her foot stuck

Bio: she doesn't care if she's cute or not, she likes to work in the mines. she's mostly a hard worker, She's also one of the top miners. She rams into rocks to get iron and gold, she also uses Rock smash. Others wonder why decided to be a miner and if someone asks she says "well my parents were miners so I want to be one too!" she helps anyone who needs help mining also. Others also wonder if her horns are made of real iron, she says "Not even I'm sure." if you ask her.

Extras: If her horn(s) break, they regenerate but take a long time.

Hello,i am From Indonesia,

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Name: Jack

Gender: male

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 13

Level: 13

Job: Miner

Pokemon: Diglett

Type: Ground

Moves: doesn't even bother with knowing moves. He just uses his pickaxe, when necessary.

Personality: Is good at what he does, is nice when you get to know him, and he's shy.

Likes: Sliding down the mountain, his red ruby, mining.

Dislikes: Harmful pokemon, anyone touching the lava.

Bio: A young orphan that makes his living by mining underground. He's really good at what he does. He keeps his ruby everywhere. It was the first thing that he ever mined, and his boss let him keep it. It is one of the few things that he cares about, and he looks at it for motivation.
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