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Don't judge a book by its cover. The Patty Wagon building doesn't look like much, but it's the food that counts! The burgers are 100% grass-fed beef, and the food is cooked to order. #OKC #seeOKC #burgers #fries #milkshakes #eatlocal #locallyowned

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H&8th is back!!!!!

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Did you know our complimentary hot breakfast is cooked to order? #PrettyGreat #Tulsa  

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Foodies and music lovers, this place is for you!

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The OKC Caffeine Crawl is Saturday, March 21st.  There are still a very small number (21!) of tickets available if anyone is interested.

Routes 2-4 are from 8:30am - 12:30pm
Route 5 are from 11am to 3:00pm
*Routs 1 and 6 are currently sold out

List of participating stops and roasters
Cafe Evoke
Coffee Slingers Roasters
Compass Coffeehouse
Cuppies and Joe
Elemental Coffee Roasters
Gray Owl Coffee
Junction Coffee
Kitchen 324
Mariposa Coffee Roastery
Second Wind Coffeehouse
t, an urban teahouse
Topeca Coffee

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OKC makes top 5 foodie cities (according to Yelp!)!

Way to go OKC!

I've been getting quite a few member requests in the last week or so (relative to our small group).  Most of which are outside Oklahoma.  Thanks for joining us!

I'm curious how you found us.  Was our group recently highlighted or shared somewhere?

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Just found out about the Taste of OKC going on this weekend!

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This has probably been reviewed on here, but our staff thinks that not enough good things can be said about Cheever's.

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We just posted this article about wine pairings....other than wine just pairing oh-so-nicely with our mouths.
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