I just joined and I noticed how dead this community is, let's bring it back!

Sorry. I'm just not really feeling this Group anymore. Which is weird, since I love roleplaying. Anyways, since I barely interacted with anyone, nobody'll be affected by Kanapu's departure.

So, farewell.

Sorry I haven't been very active, been pretty busy with personal life stuff that isn't going to come to a halt anytime soon. Anyways. Gonna put Rippletail in here for sure, maybe Lizardfang too? Haven't used Lizard since 2012, though, and I never actually bothered to write down his character specs before. So that'll take some work.

Also, ear butterfly [Kanapu] is open for RP's! As are like all my other OC's, if you're cool with doing a roleplay outside of the Community and want to interact with a grumpy kinkster of an old man or a gaggle of Eldritch abominations or whatever. 

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Sorry if this isn't allowed, but have a visual sneak peek of a character I'm planning on putting into this Group.

He started off looking more like this http://www.catbreedselector.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Oriental-Longhair-Black.jpg , but then his appearance just kind of spiraled. I like it, though. Makes him look ridiculous, but in a good way. Didn't bother coloring him because he's basically just a black-ish cat with heterochromia, there really wouldn't be much of a complicated design to show off. Someday he will turn into a beautiful ear butterfly and take flight.

Well, thanks for accepting me! Honestly, I miss roleplaying consistently. Hopefully I might be able to do so in this Group?

Dunno who I'll put in here just yet, though. Probably Rippletail. Maybe Hadrian or Kanapu or something? Haven't had a chance to use either of them much, either.

[Have a profile. Tried out a different format because why not. More characters coming your way soon. Anyways, the vainglorious ear butterfly is here.]

x Name. Kanapu. Maori: "Shining brightly"
• Nicknames. Whatever combination of syllables you can make from his name, Flint, Butterfly Ears
• Previous names. Was probably called something silly by his mother's owners before he left, not that he remembers it or even cares enough to.

x Gender. Cisgendered male
• He/Him pronouns

x Age. 6 in human years, born in Spring/Newleaf

x Rank. Rogue. Former kittypet.
• Alignment. True Neutral [like his dad haha]

x Breed. purebred Oriental Longhair [mother's side] + Chausie + Maine Coon [father's side] mix
• A long-furred jet black tomcat with pale green + yellow, heavily lidded eyes. He's got a diamond-shaped face, and pretty darn funky ears. Kind of like a rabbit's, in some manner. Not much else to say about his physical appearance, other than that he's a very pretty boy and has evidently been eating well recently judging by that soft, fat belly. He's a little bit taller than the average feral cat, with a lengthy​ body and a muzzle that's longer than the usual moggy's thanks to his breed mix. He shares his sire's pointed tongue.

x Disabilities. Severely weakened ear cartilage due to inbreeding, causing a floppy effect.
Relatively brittle bones, inherited from his father

x Sexual.
• Romantic orientation. Who knows, honestly. Polyamorous.
• Sexual orientation. Bisexual, goes for males and females. I'd say "pansexual", but he generally gives nonbinary cats a pretty wide berth.
• Fertility: Extremely fertile and not at all careful when he bothers to have sex. Might just have a few kids running about..Wouldn't surprise me.

x History. Was born in a litter of 6 to an outdoor kittypet after a one-night stand. His early childhood was mostly uneventful. He never knew his father intimately as a child [as was the case with most of the rat's children], and had no burning desire to.

When her kittens were old enough, their mother started bringing them on her excursions, teaching them about life beyond the garden and how to hunt and such. Kanapu became curious about truly feral cat life, but did not act upon it for a while.

Eventually, his mother's owners [somewhat irresponsible cat breeders] deemed that they didn't need 6 more cats to take care of, especially mutts. Sensing this, his mother basically just shoved the litter out the door one day and told them not to stick around the house too frequently.

Kanapu split from his sibling group pretty early, given that few of them tolerated him to begin with. He wandered for a while, having a few careless flings here and there. Eventually, he stumbled upon these Clans' territories.

x Personality. Vain
Neglectful [towards others, certainly]

x Immediate family.
• Biological mother. Sidney. Blue-gray solid Oriental Longhair with pale green eyes, roaming kittypet. Living.
• Biological father. Duncan. Feminine-looking faux dark tortoiseshell tomcat with icy blue eyes. Clan cat, though certainly not one from around these parts. Living.
• Siblings. Maunga, "Mountain". DMaB. Long-haired chocolate solid with amber eyes.
Kereteki, "Cricket". DFaB. Chocolate tortoiseshell and white with ice blue eyes.
Awa, "River". DMaB. Long-haired silvery gray solid with pale green eyes that have a ring of orange around the pupils.
Au, "[Water] Current". DMaB. Blue-gray solid with pale green eyes.
Vireotooth, DMaB bigender. Gray-brown longhair with a silvery "mane" and ice blue eyes.
• Half-siblings. Related to cats such as Rowanheart, Prozan, and Takai through his father's side. Most of them are dead, but a few still live.

x Misc.
• Smells of honey, sea salt, and raspberries, with a slight coppery tang to it
• Likes darker blues, greens, and grays
• Collects shells and other random bits of Twoleg trash such as glass, you'll often find him wandering around RiverClan territory
• Honestly, he spends most of the day just grooming himself
• I didn't come up with his name through my own research, I just saw someone else use it and thought "Wow, that's a cool name maybe I'll use it for something"
• He's got a lot of the same personality traits as another character of mine, Rippletail, though Ripple's at least a bit more of a caring person than he is.
• His favorite sibling is Kereteki, but only because his sister's appearance fits his aesthetic.

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_"Ay! Don't hate me because I'm cuter than you, chica!"


Name: Minkstar

Name Meaning: 'Mink' was a name given for her very soft and silky fur that strongly resembled a mink's in texture. Her suffix was given because of her clan tier.

Previous Names: Her past name, 'Minkripple', was due to her excellent stealth swimming where she would make scarcely a ripple in a calm river. She was also named simply 'Mink' from her life as a kittypet.

Nicknames/Preferred: She often goes by Mink, or Minkstar, but Ratstar enjoys referring to her as 'Kiddo'.

Gender: Female

Sex: Female

Sexuality: She's a mystery.

Definition of Sexuality: Who knows?

Romantic Orientation: Nope.

Definition of R.O.: Hell no.

Organization: Riverclan, and damn proud of it.

Age (In moons and years): She's approximately 32 moon cycles.

Tier: Leader.

Quote: "Why does every clan hate Riverclan? Don't all of you gatos know that we are the most peaceful?"
"Heya there abuelo!"

Unfortunately, she has kept a majority of this to herself, but from clues she has given out, it as been deduced that she was born a rogue to a dying mother. Twolegs found her and raised her in a Latino home where she lived through apprentice hood. Later, she ran away after learning that her mother was alive and living with these strange wild cats. She joined one of the clans (Riverclan) and learned that her mother had died many months ago but had said that Mink still had family within the clans. She has now gained leadership and is still trying to find her family.. But they may be closer than she thinks.


Eye Shape: Almond

Eye Color: As blue as the pebbles found in the aquariums in Twoleg homes.

Main Pelt Color: Very pale brownish silver.

Pelt Markings: She has darker points, ears, front legs, and tail. She has white toes.

Pelt Length: Very... Very long.

Pelt Texture: Silky smooth.

Scars: Over her belly from her first fight in the clans.

Body type: Thin, curvy.

Other appearance traits: She wears a think leather collar with a broken bell on it from her kittypet life. She refuses to take it off.

Other features (blind, deaf, ect.): She is kind of hard of hearing because of her years spent in a very loud Two leg home.

Breed: 50% American Curl, 25% Ragdoll, 25% Sphinx

Voice: Rapid spicy latina hippie.


Personality: She's a very passionate feline with a love for nature and a desire to protect it. She has a Buddhist-like mentality in that all things are connected and she plays her role in nature. She is very peaceful and hates confrontation. Her negative traits could be almost cowardice, or fears.

Likes: Nature, Ratstar, Riverclan

Dislikes: YOU (I'm kidding. She loves everyone.)

Prefers: Nature.

Mother: (Ahh hold on)

Father: An unknown American Curl

Grandfather: Ratstar, BUT SHE ISN'T AWARE.

Grandmother: A Ragdoll named Julia

Sibling(s): Several, but sadly unknown.

Mate(s): No.

Kit(s): Double No.

Mentor: None

Apprentice(s): Rainspeckle (OPEN, Shecat, Riverclan) and Stormbelly (OPEN, Tom, Riverclan)

Friend(s)/Companion(s): Ratstar, Bunnystar, etc.

Enemie(s): None!


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+Funneh Sky​ these may be useful!
Important Notice/Rules:

This is a roleplay community that much is obvious, however, you CANNOT begin rping out of the blue. We have standard procedures here.

1. To have a character to rp with, you have to make a character profile WHICH MUST BE APPROVED BY EITHER A MOD OR OWNER. If it is not approved right away please be patient, someone will see it eventually. As we all have other things irl to deal with we are not active 24/7. (I myself am only able to get online on the weekends)
1a: If your cat is denied, there is always a reason.(Ex: unrealistic colors, not enough profile info., etc.) We, the mods, will tell you why it is so and will try to work with you on fixing the problem. We will not tolerate any brattiness because we didn't accept your oc on the spot.

2. We have quite an unbalanced amount of felines in each clan so you are wanting to create an oc, we'd appreciate it if you'd contribute to the clans lacking in members.

3. MAKE AN EFFORT when you rp. Not trying to be mean or call anyone out, but it simply isn't fun to rp when one side is making a nice storyline while the other is simply making one sentence statements here and there.

4. NSFW rps are allowed here HOWEVER please place a warning on it. (spare my eyes i beg of you) I may also create a separate category to help protect the innocents.

5. Please make sure to post in the right category, if your post doesn't seem to fit anywhere then ask a mod for their opinion. If they themselves aren't sure then they will contact an owner for a possible new category to be made.

6. Respect all mods and especially owners. This should be a given since im sure you all are not complete assholes. I don't think there is a strike policy, but if i'm informed otherwise then i will add it here as well as the consequences of each strike.

7. Your ocs are YOURS and our ocs are OURS. Godmodding(taking control of another person's character in rps) is NOT permitted.
7b.Example: (Mary Sue) dodges attack, again, again, and AGAIN. (Mary Sue) finally gets hurt...then heals immediately and attacks.

8.Powerplaying(making your characters too OP) is strictly forbidden as well. It is unfair to powerplay and makes the rp lose its fun.
8b.Example: (Mary Sue) charges at (your oc) and slices their neck open instantly killing them (god do i hate insta-kills...)

More will be added if more rules exist. Please comment below of your thoughts and opinions.

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not all that polished as i want but eh.

★ Name

☆ Current Name: Weaselfang
☆ Past Name[s]:Weaselpaw/Weaselkit
☆ Future Name[s] ?
☆ Origin of Name: Weasel - fur color/pattern Fang- sharp wit

★ Basic Info

☆ Gender: tom
☆ Age: 45 moons
☆ Sexuality: (haven't decided yet)

★ Clan Info

☆ Clan: Thunderclan
☆ Past Clan[s] Thunderclan
☆ Rank: warrior
☆ Past Ranks: apprentice/kit

★ Personality (STC)

☆ Basic Personality: Aloof
☆ Positive Traits: Reliable
☆ Neutral Traits: Witty
☆ Negative Traits: Deceiving

★ Favorites/Least Favorites

♡ Favorites: wip

☆ Cat:
☆ Food:
☆ Scent:
☆ Time of Day: night
☆ Plant:
☆ Place:

♡ Least Favorites: wip

☆ Cat:
☆ Food:
☆ Scent:
☆ Time of Day: morning
☆ Plant:
☆ Place:

★ Appearance (pic)

☆ Basic Appearance:
☆ Main Pelt Color:
☆ Markings:
☆ Eye Color[s]:
☆ Inner Ear Color:
☆ Paw Pad Color[s]
☆ Nose Color:
☆ Scars:
☆ Height:
☆ Length:

★ Associations

♡ Family
(whoever Ferret's parents are as they are from same litter)
☆ Mother:
☆ Father:
☆ Siblings: Ferretstar

♡ Clan

☆ Mentor:
☆ Past Mentor: Greybird
☆ Apprentice: (open?)
☆ Past Apprentice[s]:
☆ Friends: Mintflower (open)
☆ Mate: (discuss)
☆ Kits: none

★ Stats: (I loathe these...)

☆ Hunting:
☆ Fighting:
☆ Stalking:
☆ Climbing
☆ Swimming:
☆ Herb Knowledge:
★ Other

☆ Theme Song:
☆ Fun Facts:

★ Biography

☆ Kit: Normal kithood. born along with Ferretkit

☆ Apprentice: When Ferretpaw began spending more time with her mentor, Weaselpaw began experiencing overwhelming loneliness and boredom. This made him a bit of a troublemaker. He frequently did things such as sneaking out in the night and laying out various traps and pranks in the camp and territory. Despite his mischievousness, Weaselpaw was quite smart and his seeming ignorant demeanor made other cats none the wiser of his suspicious actions.

☆ Warrior: While not much of a prankster anymore, Weaselfang is still a bit mischievous.
(more in rp)

☆ Other Rank:

★ Credits

☆ Art:
☆ Template: ღ ѕ c α я l є т ѕ н α d є ღ #mcshadystemplate for profiles! this one is for easily getting the blank template.]
☆ *Oc Owners:*

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》》Will finish as soon as possible! Currently studying for test tomorrow, will try and get to this later!


Current Name(s):
Past Name(s):
Ferretmask, Ferretmask, Ferretpaw, Ferretkit
Future Name(s):
45 moons
Current Clan(s):
Past Clan(s):
Future Clan(s):
Current Rank(s):
Clan leader
Rank Meaning:
Ferretstar is in charge of managing her warriors in accordance to the Warrior Code. She is to guide her clanmates in the best ways that she can to any extent possible that will not risk her clanmates' lives.
Past Rank(s):
Deputy, Warrior, Mentor, Apprentice, Kit
Future Rank(s):
Clan Leader
StarClan Resident
Sexual & Romantic Orientations:
Aromantic, Demisexual






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