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How did I miss this before? Hi folks. L16 ingress guamwatt. L6 Delta-T closed beta, guamwatt. #Gene-X (Oahu)

Was having fun making and linking up stuff. Looking forward to more people so we can get some more clans and cluster battles going.

When Delta T comes back online, I'm going to start organizing a social event during first Saturday. Let me know what you think.

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Dear Timekeeper,

We are conducting a comprehensive survey to collect feedback on the existing gameplay mechanics in Delta T. We will be using this survey data to refine your gameplay experience for open beta and beyond. Kindly spare a few minutes of your time to fill it up and help us out!

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Want a bit of extra TM?

Go to the invite screen and check how many people you have invited, then claim your free TM by tapping the 'Claim' button (top right)

None showing? Get recruiting and earn your free bonus. Good luck Timekeepers 😘

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Hey Timekeepers,

We will be taking up Clan Gameplay and Dominance as the next module for development. We have already shared a beginners guide on the same with all players via email in case you’ve faced some teething troubles with the mechanic. We are looking to get pointed feedback on the same before the next major update (preferably first week of October) so that we can plan the next development cycle according to your feedback and suggestions.

Kindly fill this short survey on your gameplay experience so far to help us get started

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New Update is Live and Servers are Up!!
Version : 8.75

change log:

New Features!!
Push notification system for game updates
All TM packs now have 30% more TM at the same prices

Bug fixes:
Cores getting planted within base AOE (resolved)
Power contribution issues on levelling down cores resolved
28th day daily login reward issue fixed
Member count issues in clan resolved
Base name duplication issues in scan results resolved

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What’s new in the latest update?

New particle effects
Change in invite system UI
Evangelist badge and TM reward on invites
UTF-8 characters are now supported
Bug fixes:
Starter Pack purchase issues resolved (Store)
Issues with mining resolved(AOE reduction after item pick up)
Close button issues resolved
Weapon count issues resolved
Daily Login bonus issues fixed (Blank screen triggered on 28th day)
Clan formation issues fixed
Excessive notifications triggered on battle win/loss fixed

Battle Map:
Players can now simulate base to base connections of the same Megacorp
Base profile can be minimised and maximised (Does not obscure map view)
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