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Profiles look like this, and yes they are mandatory!


Also read this here and live by it then go have some fun

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Hey! Thanks for accepting me here by the way!

I mainly do art and stuff, I'll prepare a profile later when I'm not so tired, but just wanted to say hello so long!

Have some uh, stuff, I suppose. It's a few months old so ehh, yup-
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Hey any one wanna have a big Wolftaur pet
She is a lovely girl who has three separate stomachs and can even put you in other places
Name: Lizzie
Species: Wolftaur
Gender: Female

I would like to have a owner who loves to be eaten and will take great care of me and maybe even fill all of me bellies with food
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Hey there, dumb dumb bitchy boi who owns this place here.
Just a reminder, this isn't a place to ask for requests for drawings, commissions, or whatever.
Take that to a place where it won't bother people or where it's I dunno, relevant perhaps? Like, there's a shit ton of other communities for that I think, or other websites like FA or DA
Anyways Imma shut up, I'm tired, plus I got places to be tomorrow. So.. See ya guys

Also normally I'd include a pic or something, but I got nothing good rn... So.. Bleh

Anyone wanna rp?

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Here we see a wild fluffbutt consuming...something idk.
Just, enjoy the Zidling voar

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Normally Miss didnt get much attention from people. She was a bit of a glutton often eating until she had a full and squishable belly. It wasnt until you arrived that she actually had an admirer. You two started as friends, but you idolized her, a love for her big stomach that bordered on worship...and she loved every second of it.

When a school trip to a chip factory came along neither of you could turn it down. Eventually she managed to convince you to sneak off to a room maked 'staff only'. This was where they did all the R&D. It was odd the room was filled with potatos that were dozens of time larger then they should be... while wondering Miss manages to accidently prick her self with one of the needles... and starts to feel...odd.

(So the plot for this is she becomes a macro and gluttonously gorges on the entire factory until its just the two of you. While theyre in her digesting she starts tempting and trying to convince you to become her willing meal. +4 lines please)

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Janet had been called a lot of things over the years. A slut by her ex husband, great by her son, and a Milf by her sons friends. She was ready for an exciting weekend to herself. When the sons away it was her time to play afterall, though im sure she never expected that her sons pet snake would free himself from his room. A meal fit for the creature wasnt very far off...if only her son had remebered to feed it before he left maybe what was to come would never happen
(4+ lines, id prefer to be prey, snake can be sentiant or feral, primarily vore)
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-Recent art I was commissioned to do
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