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I got to say over the years i have used a variety of Android launchers, idk it is just nature or im always dicovering mind-blowing ones, i had fall in love again with this launcher, those folder opening and closing animations are sick, every transition and animations in this launcher make senses, very fluent and pleasent to watch, I don't get tire of seeming its animations, enough of that. However is in charge of features, please think out of the box, this launcher can easily become even more popular if you add all those features that are missing. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

1)Please add one layer mode (no app drawer) like in zenui launcher with the ability to transfer layout from it.
2)few more things, allow 180 rotation in home screen, in dock custom background, etc, please copy features from all other amazing launcher out there. 

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Am I wrong or is abandon?

Idk since when, but almost all of widget function is gone. There is only fewer options from default apps.
What is happen? 

Quick note: There is something wrong with the ReecyclerView updating in the app drawer. An item not refreshed until I manually scroll it off the screen and back on again. (Specifically the unread badge)
(Sidenote: The only thing that's worse is refreshing a ViewPager :D)

The best part in Evie launcher is Evie Search according to me. And being a fan of Android I mostly use Android default launcher. So I suggest having an Evie Search widget which can be used in any launcher.

I think it's time for a big update...

Adding dictionary to the search bar would be great. I constantly find myself typing the name of the dictionary app and then typing the word. Would be easier if any (free)dictionary app is integrated with the search bar.

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Search operates stupid. When searching for local data ie contacts that should pop-up first. Example searching for a contact named "Flemming" you have to type the full name before it appears.

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