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It would be really amazing if the apps in the application menu, in addition to their alphabetic organization, had a separation between letters. This would improve the visualization of the applications and make it easier to find them using the side menu.

Im not the best with Photoshop (as you can see below...)

I'm sorry if this suggestion was already proposed. Thanks for your job.

The daily news update is a great addon to Evie. A RSS feed to that existing system would be awesome. Users can add their particular source and the devs don't have to worry about adding all the news and blogs under the sky to the search section.

Later on we can add a calendar section showing upcoming events and reminders (similar to google calendar) which can access the device calendar or what the user would like to grant access.

This is regarding the recent update where they added a daily news update section which can be accessed by swiping left from the homescreen.

The personalize option for news sources is not working for me. I have already selected the particular news outlet as well as topics i would like to read about but there is no effect on the news stream. Can someone suggest any effective solution.

I have done a system reboot and have granted all necessary permission to the app after the latest update.

Is evie resource friendly? How much battery do you find yourself using with Evie? With nova, my battery is running out constantly, ever few hours and according to my phone it's the display. So wanna know if Evie is resource friendly.

Could you please add shortcuts on the gesture menu? Example, swipe down to open an app or shortcut.

Hi, firstly I want to say thank you for the continued work on Evielauncher. I love it so much more than the others and now that I can hide the search bar I am infinitely happier with Evie. I have one small gripe with this update though.
I am hoping that maybe it could he an option later down the line to use the old hold a widget to resize and move it off screen to erase it instead if having a button? I lost count of how many times I accidentally deleted a widget I was working on, trying to resize and move it. IDK how many others may be having the same issues but it does get mas annoying, really quick, lol. Anyway, thanks again for the update!

Hi, I'v sent two mail for request Chinese translation.
In fact, there a large amount of Chinese evie user, including me.
I'm glad to help translation. Please reply.

Requested features:
1. Individually Customized folders.
2. Custom icons for folders.
3. Wider variety view on icon selection

Evie Launcher is great and helps me keep a beautiful home page. And thanks for letting me hide the search bar.
1. I wish to be able to select custom number of rows, icon sizes, etc. for each individual folder.
2. I want to be able to select an image from an icon pack for a folder instead of leaving the clear icon with 4 smaller icons inside of it. Obviously I would like to be able to pick a different icon design for each folder.
3. The fact that I can pick icon designs from different icon packs is wonderful, but some packs offer several options for an app and it would be nice for them all to be easily accessible like the the suggested designs instead of having to scroll through thousands to find the right one. As well sometimes you want to compare several icons including those that wouldn't show up in the suggested, so it would be nice if you could save certain designs as favorites so you can easily switch between them and see them on your home page without having to scroll through long lists over and over again.

Thanks so much!
Tip: If you (users) want to quicky make/edit certain icon designs adapticons (app) is great for that.

[ request]Temperature should be showd as ℃ as well as ℉.

1. Need the option to completely disable the 'swipe right' content screen. When disabled, it should remove all previously loaded data associated with the content screen.

2. Need option to restrict content screen from loading data to only when on WiFi. Otherwise, it hits against data usage.

3. Need option to clear all the content on the content screen.

4. Make content screen an optional plugin so that people who don't want it don't have to have it on their phone.
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