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Hi AwesomeDrive users!

We have just released the 4.3 version with small improvements and bug fixes:
↪ Open newly created MS Office files automatically with UFO if installed
↪ No more necessary to reload the Drive page when enabling UFO
↪ Drive like fade effects when opening / closing Awesome Drive dialog
↪ Item types detection improved
↪ Technical improvements

Note that this version is available on Chrome 55+.

Feel free to report us any issue you may encounter with this new version.

★ The Awesome Drive Team ★


Am I understanding this right ? Awesome Drive is being upgraded to UFO which will be a paid product after the public Beta ?

Also, since the 4.2 release, there is a lot of instability and it often says "unable to retrieve file url" and when it works, saving in Office seems to often say that "there was a problem saving on the remote server" and edits are not saved.

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★ AwesomeDrive 4.2 RELEASED ★

Hi AwesomeDrive users!

We are proud to announce AwesomeDrive 4.2 release. This new version integrates our latest extension, the Universal File Opener!

What is the Universal File Opener (UFO) 👽?

With the UFO, you will be able to extend the AwesomeDrive capabilities and:

• Open any type of file from Google Drive with your local software
• Save the changes you made locally on your local software directly in Google

The UFO also improves the way you edit files in Google Drive by:

• Removing the 32MB file size limitation (no more size limit)
• Supporting old Microsoft Office versions (prior to Office 2013)

How can you use it with Awesome Drive?

A new button has replaced the “Edit file” button, for all file types.

If you try to open a non MS Office file, click on this new button and a notification will guide you through the installation of the UFO extension.

Once UFO is installed, all non-Google files will be opened using the UFO extension.

UFO is currently available free of charge as a public beta version. At the end of the beta period, AwesomeDrive users will have the option to purchase the UFO feature for a monthly fee.



How are school districts handling teachers delegation of drive from a teacher leaving to a new teacher when the old teacher was also a coach and had folders for wrestling for example in order to science teacher files? I have a couple of such teachers. I want to give their science files to another teacher who is not a wrestling coach as well. I want to brainstorm here. Exiting teacher said I have shared this folder with teacher X and teach Y but they do not realize shared links are no good if the user is deleted.

Has anyone come up with a good organization for team drive. It appears me, principal, nurse, secretaries, curriculum chair etc are sharing documents/emails with teachers. Their shared with me must be a mess and hard time finding docs shared 1 month back. I was thinking about setting up folders under team drive such as From principal, From TechDir etc. 

Have an issue where teachers with their role as a teacher and a coach are not separated in their Google drive. How do I delegate part of it to the new coach and part to new teacher?


I am investigating a student discipline issue. I am trying to track a Google doc that was created by student X and share with some teachers and the student of opposite sex.

As I understand, the inappropriate list of words filtering only applies to Gmail and not Google docs.

I am trying to find out exactly which compute was used to create the google doc. Login logout audit only shows external address of our firewall since we NAT.

Time wise we know the student was in a particular lab.

Students save to their Google drive and Drive sync not installed.

Any idea how can find out the device it was created on?

I can edit office documents but I cannot create New office documents. It was working yesterday. I have uninstalled and reinstalled extension. I have disconnected my google drive and reconnected. I see awesome drive extension at the top left hand corner. 

I'm having Issue with Awesome Drive. It seems to work for a X amount of hours and after that it fails.

We are using the extension only in Google Drive not Team Drive.

My Chrome version is 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

My Office 365 version is 1703 (Build 7870.2038)

Here's the extension error report :

getWebDavUrl() - Failed to retrieve webdav url for file 0B3d_z6t__x8EX0N2SU53M09Md3M ObjectexecutionTime: "1.118s"responseJson: ObjectresponseText: "{↵ "error": {↵ "errors": [↵ {↵ "domain": "global",↵ "reason": "backendError",↵ "message": "Drive returned an error when getting file with id 0B3d_z6t__x8EX0N2SU53M09Md3M"↵ }↵ ],↵ "code": 503,↵ "message": "Drive returned an error when getting file with id 0B3d_z6t__x8EX0N2SU53M09Md3M"↵ }↵}↵"status: 503statusText: "error"__proto__: Object


Is it normal with office 2007 (with the bat file installed) I can only open files in "read-only" ? thanks for your help.

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