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Hi AwesomeDrive users!

We’ve just released the 4.5 version of AwesomeDrive.
The extension is now entirely verified and validated by Google!

We reviewed the authorization process, so to use the extension again you need to:
1. Accept the new extension permission, from the orange exclamation mark that appears in place of the AwesomeDrive icon next to the Chrome address bar
(we’ve added our website URL where the authorization page below is hosted)
2. Reload your Google Drive page
3. You may need to re-accept the Google Drive access permission if the new modal window below appears

Note: If you’ve enabled the Block third-party cookies option in your Chrome settings, you must whitelist the following URLs to benefit from the AwesomeDrive features:
• [*.]
• chrome-extension://aaebjepcfidgkojljbgoilgkgklehldj

Feel free to report any issues you may encounter with this new version.

★ The Awesome Drive Team ★
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Hi everybody,

I've just installed awesome drive but I'm currently using microsoft office 2007.

The awesome drive documentation says:
"If you have Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows and you want to use AwesomeDrive anyway, please contact us on our community and we might have a solution."

But I can't seem to find any existing info here.

Could anybody advise how to make it work please?

Thank you in advance!

I recently installed and authorized Awesome Drive because, well, it sounds "awesome" -- exactly what we need for teachers who aren't comfortable with GSuite yet.

I'm getting ready to make a screencast for our teachers. I reloaded the Drive page, and have tested that I can create a Word file, but there's still no obvious way to open the file for editing.
* Double-click brings up preview
* Right-click > Open with ... give me a ist of other apps already installed, but no Awesome Drive

What am I doing wrong?

(Chrome 69 on Linux Mint)

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Notre société utilise Awesome Drive (via une règle d'entreprise dans Gsuite) et nous avons remarqué récemment que l'extension restait bloquée sur la vérification des autorisations. Sans possibilité pour les utilisateurs d'autoriser l'application à accéder au drive (pas de point d'exclamation ou de popup classique d'autorisation d'accès Google)

J'ai également ajouté les urls que vous indiquiez en Whitelist sans que cela n'ait pu résoudre le bug.

Est-ce quelque chose que vous avez déjà rencontré ? Auriez-vous une idée pour la résolution de ce problème ?

Merci d'avance pour votre feedback.

Does Awesome Drive support .xlsm file types?
If the file size is greater than 32mb what errors is presented to the user?


does awesome drive have issues coexisting with the MS Office Google drive plug-in?

I have a customer and a users is having issues saving files with repeated errors/popups.

After they save a file, they see an repeated error when they try to close the file.
" do you want to save the changes you made to file.....
If you click don't save, a recent copy of this file will be temporarily available.

This then sometimes leads to errors of the form upload failed server unavailable

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We use to utilize awesome drive in our compagny.
I have a problem installing awesome drive for new users : I can't authorize the app anymore.
I'm getting this warning, and I can't get throught (there's no link anymore).
Please, could you make something for us and the comunity ?

Hi AwesomeDrive users!

We are encountering an issue with the Google authentication for the AwesomeDrive extension.

We’re accelerating our application update, to go through the Google verification process as quick as possible.

We’ll let you know as soon as a new version (with new scopes to accept) is available.

We want to apologize for the inconvenience.

The AwesomeDrive Team

Hi AwesomeDrive users!

We’d like to clarify some points after recent publications in this community.
We’re a serious software company and all our answers are posted by experienced people who have worked with Google Drive for many years.

- Folders appearing empty in Google Drive

This is an intermittent Google Drive issue, which has been confirmed by Google. It happens even if you haven’t installed AwesomeDrive.
Your files are unaffected, it’s only a display issue. It can be resolved by reloading the Google Drive page.
If you are a G Suite customer and experience the issue, you should open a ticket at

- “This app isn’t verified” message

This message is displayed once to new users only. This is caused by a new verification process for third-party apps (, introduced by Google as a result of a phishing attempt (

We’re currently working on getting AwesomeDrive verified by Google to get rid of the “This app isn’t verified” message. This process will not change anything with regards the security of the application itself.

Neither of the topics mentioned above will prevent you from accessing Google Drive.
As usual, we’d be really happy to help you, as we always do if you encounter issues with our extension.

The AwesomeDrive Team

Hello Awesome Drivers,
If it is of any consolation, my sis Tina the Bear and her ad agency are doing everything possible to spur Google into investigating your current issue...from tormenting her G-Apps rep to her Adsense rep and every other Google dog in between. She is more persistent than a swarm of mad hornets. If this is Google's fault, I hope her efforts help to sort things out.
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