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We decided to cancel today's First Saturday due to rain.

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Place YOUR ORDER by November 1st for Guaranteed pickup at the nola anomaly. PreAnomaly pricing expires November 1st.
Via Noir Anomaly
Via Noir Anomaly

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Ingress First Saturday for November. Meet up at 1pm at Morning Call for check-in. Battle starts at 2pm. Come out and meet players from both factions! Socialize then battle for AP in City Park near the Sculpture Garden.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to First Saturday yesterday!
Ingress FS New Orleans October 2015
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October 2015 FS Group pic!

There's an Ingress FS in Kenner this Saturday, October 3rd! It's at Kenner Veterans Park and starts at 1pm!

Really enjoy the FS's we have. Awesome putting faces with agent names. Have not heard details on August FS. Would be a shame not to have one.

Greetings agents! I just realized that 6/6/15 is the date of the next 1st Saturday, and NOLA Timefest will be in full swing. Any thoughts on teaming up? There is already talk of doing an Ingress panel/meetup and bringing out the Chewbacchus Portal float. For more info:

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Please vote for the May First Saturday location and time so we can submit it to Niantic. Keep in mind it is also the same weekend as Jazz Fest.
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11 am in City Park/Sculpture Garden
8 pm Algiers Point
8 pm Rivertown, Kenner
Other, please comment below
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