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Name Cylons
Type Temporary colony
Established 2017, Human Time
Territories Anywhere in the Galaxy, their colony.
Population 5 billion Centurions, 3 billion humanoid models, 7 billion raiders, 450 base-ships, 10 resurrection ships, and 1 resurrection hub. Fortunately, they are all scattered out throughout the solar system, and the galaxy.
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The Terran Alliance is now establishing various colonies southwest of the Federation, with 2 billion people scattered to look for various new homes and colonies far far away from their homes.

Keep the train rolling, plz!

The Daleks are now attempting to establish a colony of 100,000 on the out rings of the Milky Way Galaxy.

We should keep this going

*The Dalek Empire begins to move Daleks to the Milky Way Galaxy. The arriving force will be

100,000 Daleks.

The Daleks know little about this Galaxy, only knowing that Earth, and Mars are inhabited, but nothing else.*

Martian Saucers have been spotted flying towards the Asteroid Belt, and it's assumed to be an attempt at colonization. The Martians have also been reported as being heavily armed, carrying along with them at least a Million Martian soldiers, and have attached heavy blasters to their saucers.

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Name Dalek

Government A Parliament, with an Emperor

Leader Emperor Dalek /There's also a council.

Territories Seriphia Galaxy.

Date Founded Unknown

Language English, but with a British accent.

Religion None that I could find.

Population 20+ Billion

Economy Developed and great.

Military The entire population

Reserve The ones in sick-bay or recently born.

Active All of them.

History (Creation of the Daleks)

The Terran Alliance wishes to join the United Federation.

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