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Give the mods a break. They didn't break the rules.

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Do u guys think I should change my pic new one,old one or One of fun time Freddy
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(I want a bit of variety... So I'm just reposting this RP. It's open!)

(If there's anything wrong with reposting the same RP, please tell me!)
Ella and Elsi were chatting backstage, unaware of any other presences
"So,now that we've arrived in this weird country... What should we do?" Elsi glanced at Ella, tilting her head slightly
"Dunno. Perhaps we should open up this place...?"
"No, we can't... There's no other animatronics... Heck, I heard we need a night guard."
Both of the British otters continued to talk about whether or not they should open and other things...

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Sister Animatronics
Names: Elsi and Ella
Species: Both Otters
Gender: Both female
Programmed age: 19
Built: 1980
Height: 4'2 and 4'5 respectively
Bio: Built as sisters for Freddy Fazbear's in the UK, they were in need of repair often due to their ironically low water tolerance. They were then decommissioned in the UK due to low budgets, and shipped off to America.

The memories....this was the first community I was in...

What happened to this place?

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Stanley kicked a few boxes around and sighed, slowly sitting back down and staring off into space. He started talking to himself Y'know... I wonder what ever happened to this place... Fredbear's Family Diner was running just fine. Then we all get packed away just because of a little blood drawn.. His eyes flickered from his yellows eyes to red and quickly back to black I hope the owners burn...

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Name: Rolfe DeWolfe & Earl Schmerle (the Puppet)
Technical Age: 35
Year Built: 1980
Technical Gender: Male
Species: A wolf and a puppet 
Height: 5'6
Likes: Money, Jokes
Dislikes: Everybody
Bio: Rolfe and Earl were the Rock-afire Explosions comedic duo. Using a combination of wit, arrogance, and self-deprecating humor, it was often uncertain which one was the puppet and which one was the puppeteer. Rolfe DeWolfe was, at best, an arrogant jerk. He seemed to appreciate honesty over "being nice" Earl was the hot-tempered antithesis to Rolfe. Earl was always Rolfe's biggest critic, usually getting laughs at Rolfe's expense. They would 

Maybe with the spinoff game announced, this place won't be as dead? Hopeful thinking, I know.

wakes up covered in blood Wha-what happened, I'm in suit... I can't get out.
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