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Hey everyone your new rank is Heavy Elite so now the mission is try to find some Themes for the community

Sooo. What do ya do in this community???

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Name Elsa
Age 21
Gender female
Powers snow and ice
Family sister Anna
Bio when I was young I accidentally hit Anna with a blast of icy magic I'm the Queen of Arendelle
Eyes blue hair
Hair light blonde / white
Dress blue

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Hey everyone your new rank is an Elite its getting closer to Moderator keep it up your new missions are to find a cool game or something that i can put this Community into so we all can play on till my new game comes out

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Name: Anna

Full Name: Annabelle

Age: 18

Power: None

Skills: Blending into crowds, talking my way out of things

Appearance: Glittering blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair tied into two pigtails, bangs on the right side of her forehead and a dust of freckles. Always wears dresses that have Rosemaling.

Home: Arendelle

Family: Elsa (sister)

Bio: When she was little she would play with her sister Elsa late at night in the ballroom. One day, Elsa slipped and struck her with ice. She was unconcious and brought to the trolls. They changed her memories making her forget about her sister's powers. Later on, when she was sixteen her parents died in a shipwreck. Three years later, it was her sisters coronation where she met a guy, Hans from the Southern Isles, and she instantly fell for him after a duet. Her sister refused their marriage causing a scene where her ice powers were revealed shocking Anna. Elsa out of fear, ran away freezing everything in the process. Back in Arendelle, Anna rode her horse in a search. She came to Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna after being dumped in snow and abandoned by her horse. She bought some winter clothes and met a guy named Kristoff who sells ice for a living. Together, they journeyed to the North Mountain along the way meeting a snowman built by Elsa called Olaf. They finally reach the North Mountain and is amazed by Elsa's ice palace. They try to convinve Elsa to go back to Arendelle but is thrown out and Anna is accidentally struck by Elsa again. Dissapointed, they journey back. Kristoff brings Anna to where he grew up with the trolls. Grand Pabbie, an ancient troll explains to Anna what happened and that only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. Anna immediately thinks of Hans so Kristoff helps her back to Arendelle. Hans comes out to greet her with worry then brings her into a seperate room and leaves her to die. With the help of Olaf the Snowman, she gets out just in time to save Hans from killing Elsa. Elsa cries over her performing an act of true love thawing her. Then Anna helps Elsa control her powers and thaw Arendelle of eternal winter. Elsa sees that with a little love and belief, she can do wonderful things with her powers.

It's been a few months, and now me and Elsa have joined this elite protection squad thingy where we are trained to fight for and help other people.

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Name: Emma

Age: 17

Powers: Can conjure and control fire, light, heat, and life (not really) at will

Skills: Combat, blending into crowds, and strategizing

Bio: She grew up happily with a complete family in Wēasleton. She had a older sister, and although they were poor, they lived happily together. One day when she was twelve, their father had lost his job and they wouldn't have enough money to support themselves. Emma knew she could help so in the afternoon, she snuck into the markets and stole some bread. When she came back, the sides were singed. Not understanding why, she didn't pay any attention to this. The next day, some Wēasleton guards came and demanded money. They threatened to destroy everything that the family had left, their house. Emma's father tried to stop them but they knocked him out and burned the house down. When Emma woke up, everyone had disappeared and she was left alone in the ruins of her old home. She lived in the streets and stole food from the markets, everyday all the food she brought back would be singed or burned. She thought this was a curse for stealing the bread. She continued to live on the streets for the next two years, fending off bullies. In that time, she discovered her powers and had gained good combat skills, and was excellent at blending into crowds. She then heard about the war between Wēasleton, the Southern Isles and Arendelle. She didn't want to be apart of it, so she left and soon came to the secret Shadow Squad team where they were trained in combat to help others. She joined and is now nervous as to what might happen next.

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Name : Elsie
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Appearance : Blue eyes and brown hair
Powers : none
Likes : Snowman
Dislikes : Being left out
Family : Cousin Annie and Cousin Ellie
Bio : When I was 12 I moved from America to England and Annie and Ellie stayed behind in America I miss them loads now that I'm starting high school I'm so scared .
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