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Name: Calil
Age: 17
Year: senior
Magic: Wind 
Equipment: A limited amount book of wind spells 
Bio: Was a guard for Queen and studied wind magic for years and trained using a dagger and now is a whisper and Arch sage 

Looks at the boys dorm while scratching my head I wonder who my roommate will be better not be some weirdo +Lucas Sigran 

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Name: Max
Year: Freshman
Magic: Fire
Equipment: Two metal/leather gloves
Bio: He accidentally killed an entire preschool and everyone near by when he discovered his abilities.The goverment found out he had a unique kind of power and took him into a laboratory telling his parents that he had gone crazy. 10 Years later the operation is shut down and he leaves to find out that his entire family had been dead for years so he lived by himself with goverment agents watching him making sure noting happens. Of his owe decision he decided to go to BlueSky Academy so that he could use his powers to make sure noting like what happened to him happened to anyone else.

Year:(freshman, sophomore, junior and senior)
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