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DEAR NEVERMIND YOUR'S DIARY, Is a Community for all those people who just need to express their feelings, emotions & thoughts. Whether It's through words, poetry, music or beautiful pictures, treat this as your own personal Diary when you just need to let it all out but you can't or don't want to express how your feeling to family, friends, lover's, coworkers, neighbours or even complete strangers. So If your a Player, Hater, Lover, Shaker, Freedom Peace Maker, Then (NEVERMIND YOUR'S)

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Dear Diary, I'm tired but I had a funny night. My friend Scott picked me up because I was bored & invited me for dinner. I made the effort to look nice & when he picked me up he was stoned. I didn't care that's his buzz but for a laugh I tried to make him paranoid, It didn't work though. I basically kept talking loud because I couldn't understand him, he spoke like a (I'm hiding under the house mouse) he was so quiet. I was like, what! huh! can you repeat that please. The moral of the story is that after my efforts to look nice for a nice dinner out dressed to impress myself really & others can just appreciate, lol, we had McDonalds drive through.NEVER MIND YOUR'S!!!! SUCKED IN RAYHA.

But he's still my fun friend :)
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