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Apple White: +Princess Lilyanna Of Arendelle 
Raven Queen: +Hollie Fellows
Brair Beauty:
Duchess Swan:
Ashlynn Ella: +Rose Park 
Lizzie Hearts:
Madeline Hatter:
Kitty Cheshire: +Kitty Cheshire ™
Bunny Blanc: +Bunny Blanc
Alistair Wonderland:
Faybelle Thorn:
Hunter Huntsman:
Daring Charming:
Dexter Charming:
Darling Charming:
Holly O'Hair: +Holly O'Hair™
Poppy O'Hair:
Cerise Hood: +*Symphony Love*MLPEG AND WINXCLUB
Cedar Wood:
More will be added

Emily Pendragon: Me
Mason: +Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle™
Elena Snow: +Elena Snow
Emy Bell: +Emy Bell
Jane Hook: +Jane Hook
More will be added

((As Mason))
He was walking down the town and looked around. He remebers that magic is allow in Camelot. He walked over to the steps to go inside the castle
Then you...

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Name: Kitty Cheshire
Age: 15
Parents Story: Alice's adventures in Wonderland
Roommate: Madeline Hatter
Secret Hearts Desire: to uncover rules. Like a ball of yarn
My Magic Touch: Obviously. I can turn unvisible and POOF place to place without being seen
Story Book Romance Status: Forget boys with the puppy dog eyes. Give me a guy whose cat's meow
Oh Curses Moment: My curiosity gets me in a lot of trouble
Favorite Subject: Geografairy. After memorize the lay of the land. I can appear anywhere I want
Least Favorite Subject: Swim Class in Grimmnastics. Just thinking about it getting my fur soaked makes my fur stand on the end
Best Friends Forever After: Lizzle Hearts. She's my sister from a another littler
Bio: Chaos is keeping people guessing and that makes this kitty purr

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Name: Holly O'Hair
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Parent's Story: Rapunzel
Roommate: Poppy O'Hair
Secret Heart's Desire: After I live out my story as the next rapunzel. I want to write a new book of fairy tales. Starting all my new friends!
Magic Touch: Even when cut. My hair can be made into the strongest rope or silkiest fabric.
Storybook Romance Status: I got a secret crush on daring charming but please don't tell anyone (especially apple white)
Oh Curses Moment: I have been inside the tower so long. I'm royally afraid of heights. Plus doors always seems to lock behind me. And I can never get out.
Favorite Subject: Damel-in-Distressing. When i'm in the tower. I love updating my mirror blog
Least Favorite Subject: Grimmastics. Specifically swim class. It takes hours to tuck all my hair in the swim cap!
Best Friends Forever After: Poppy O'Hair and Blondie Lockes
Bio: hi i'm holly o'hair I am the daughter of Rapunzel I hope we can be friends :)


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Name: Cerise Hood


Gender: female

Race: Rebel

From: Ever After High

Parent: Red Riding Hood

Parent's Story: Little Red Riding Hood

Roommate: Cedar Wood

Secret Heart's Desire: Sometimes I just want to proudly howl to the world, "I'm proud of who I am!" Hopefully someday I can.

My "Magic" Touch: The speed and enhanced senses of my father, plus my magic red cloak lets me travel unseen through shadows. Wicked cool, huh?

Storybook Romance Status: I'm really shy around boys, but I've always been drawn to the leader of the pack.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: I have to always hide my ears under my hood. If anyone finds out my parents were the first Rebels, we could be in big bad trouble!

Favorite Subject: Grimmnastics, especially cross country running. Maybe it's because I run like the wind.

Least Favorite Subject: Chemythstry. I sometimes feel like I have a hard time mixing well with others.

Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood

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Raven Queen


Parent's Story:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Romance status:
Likes Dexter but wants to figure out her story before anything else happens

Oh curses moment:

Having friends, people being nice to her, not being mistreated

Being hated because I'm a rebel, being misunderstood

((Edit later))

Magic touch:
Like her mother she can cast spells

Apple White

Hearts desire:
To be true to herself and wants a Happily Ever After

Favorite subject:

Least favorite subject:
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Name:Auorra Queen
Age:same as raven
Parents story:snow white
Secrect heart desire:freeing her mother
Bio:she is Raven's twin and she likes being evil.She hates raven for not freeing her mother and wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and is a powerful dark scoress.
Story book romance:single
From: evil queen's castle 
Roommate:rooms with Apple white and Raven
Favorite subject:villany
Least favorite subject:damsel in distress (extra credit)
Magic touch:I'm infamous for creating disasters

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Name: emma clothes 
  Gender: girl
 Parent's story: the emperor's new suit 
  From: Ever After High  
Secret Heart Desire: to be best dressed 
  Magic touch:  i can change my outfit with a snap  
 Oh Curses Moment: if im greedy or rude i wanna be nothing like my dad
side: rebel 
  Storybook romance status: no one
 Favorite food: pie
 Favorite subject: beast care 
 Least favorite subject: princess-oly 101
 Best friends forever after: raven,maddie,cerise and catline
  Roommate:  open

(Anyone can join and no need to ask)
Sits in front of the Lake of Avalon, watching the water move around and create tiny waves because of the wind. The waves stopped and there was no breeze then suddenly the water started to move way war out but still no breeze then you...


I was walking through the town looking around and I looked over at Emily
((Open to +Emily Pendragon ))
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