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Diva Distro: Preconfigured hypergrided standalone OpenSim Update 8/16/2017

For the record, this community seems to be orphaned since the owner has not been seen in G+ since 2015 and there are no moderators. In other words, until there's a way for a member to take control of the community, it is pretty much dead. :) Evidenced by the 43 weeks ago posting, and realize that number changes each week. :) :) :) :)

Hi ! I want to ask how to use sim on a stick in windows 10

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Fred Beckhusen with Debbie Edwards at Opensim.
2 hrs ·
I am pleased to announce that the Outworldz Hypergrid Installer is ready for general use. Outworldz Installer is a Microsoft Windows-compatible Opensimulator system that is easy to install, easy to run, and quite powerful. It is entirely free and open source. It's like Sim-On-A-Stick, but has 0.9.0 Opensim plus the Hypergrid.
There's a long list of features such as uPnP router support, diagnostics, easy OAR loading and auto backups. It has an Auto-Updater, too. It works with any viewer, and comes bundled with the Onlook Viewer by Diva Canto, aka Crista Videira Lopes, which is specifically designed to be very easy for new people to use. Business users will appreciate the No-Avatar mode, too.
Outworldz switches seamlessly between released and Opensim 0.9.0 dev code, where you can enjoy greater Second Life compatibility. Both versions are included, and 0.9.0 dev will be updated to released status automatically when it is officially ready.
Debbie Edwards and I have also been setting up pre-configured OARs for you to play with. No console commands are needed - you just click to change sims. She made a very nice Garden By The Sea simulator with different NPC animals such as turtles, rabbits and birds along with hand-picked plants for the gardens, and furnished a lovely contemporary house with nice furniture collected from the hypergrid. We have lots of free OAR content from Garry Beaumont, P.van de Giessen, Dave_Pentecost, Arcadia Asylum, Justin K. Reeve, Michael Emory Cerquoni, and Linda Kellie, too, and you can add any OAR or IAR with simple Drag and Drop operation.
You can get it at I'm not done yet. There are some new features coming soon that will make it easier than ever to run your own mini-grid. if you have any problems, please contact me directly or comment on the web site or on here - I really appreciate and need more feedback from all kinds of users on features, bugs and any difficulties you may have. Opensim and Hypergrid is not easy under the best of circumstances, due to the way it is coded and the wide variety of lousy routers out there. But even a negative result can help me fix it so others can get online.


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another one

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first go at making a landscape to print on canvas...

I am making a 4 region terrain with trees, just to have something to make landscape images from. Using 3D to make 2D art. Is anyone else doing that?

OK this one is whacky! An acquaintance of mine started her own SOAS on her own computer (unbeknownst to me). To our surprise the owner showed up as ME at my SOAS address. What??? We shared NO information re: SOAS. I have no idea how this happened. Am i alone here? Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi everybody!
I'm using Scratch4Opensim for Simonastick.
It works well.
There's only one tool I can't seem to make work out, which is the "pen" tool.
You can use it to make a prim draw lines.
You need:
1. a prim
2. the Scratch script, which you put in the prim
3. a "lineSegment" prim of a particular size (e.g. 0.1x0.1x0.1)
4. a "lineSegment" script which you put into the lineSegment prim; the script can be downloaded online.
5. You put the scripted lineSegment prim into the inventory of the first prim.

When you start the prim, it moves the way it should,
but it only creates a couple of the original-sized "lineSegment" prims, and not a complete line.
Any ideas will be appreciated.

Can anyone help me, I have my grid running fine in my local network, I just can't reach it from a PC outside my home network always get a timed out message at login.
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