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I have a mission for you and your squadron Master Sergeant Cross Breeze. I need to speak with you at once about it.
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Decided to create an UPDATED VERSION of Leaf's Bio so... here it is!
+Jace Malcom 

Name: Leaf Shine
Type: Pony
Species: Unicorn
Age: 18 (she looks like she's 13. :\)
CM: A green leaf with a yellow sparkle in the right corner
Talent: She has a bond with all plantlife and can manipulate them to her will, that ability also enhances her regular healing spells. 
Occupation: Medic, Assassin, Spy, and general Therapist if needed. 
Special Some Pony?: Yes, Shard Stone
Weapons (shown in pics)**: 
-A triple set of crystal kunai knives (hidden in tail)*
-A twin set of larger, leaf shaped crystal kunai knives (Hidden in mane)*
-A dozen or so leaf shaped wooden darts dipped in various poisons (hidden in mane)*
-A double edged crystal long sword with leaf like engravings (On belt only when needed, she doesn't carry it around all day)
-A twin set of doubled edged crystal daggers that can double as throwing knives if needed; though not as efficient (Hidden in tail or on leather straps on forelegs)*
-A medium sized recurve bow made of living Everfree wood (Hooked under cloak when on missions; she does not usually carry it around)
-A quiver of three dozen arrows, the arrow to the right is the ones she normally uses, and the arow to the left are specially made ones that will at the last second dip downwards. 
*= Painted green to blend in with mane
**= Note these are only the weapons she currently has. 

Preferred Style of Fighting: Defensive with quick offensive strikes
Specializes: Bladed weapons; she doesn't usually use metal weapons because it does mess up her magic, and she only knows how to reload, aim, and shoot a gun. 
Weaknesses: High technology, guns and other means of modern warfare (she can fly an airship though not as well), constricted spaces, and technology in general. 
Fears: Messing up, fire, bombs, and sometimes heights. 
Strengths: Agility, martial arts, stealth, ability to blend into the background as a wallflower, and of course almost all types of bladed weaponry. 

Personality: Leaf is a spunky and feisty little mare with a quick temper. But there is another side to her, the sensitive, emotional, kind, gentle side she only shows to certain ponies. She is a pretty good actor (spy thing), and is agile along with learned in martial arts. 

Mother: Sunbloom; golden coated unicorn mare with a orange and yellow streaked mane tied up in a bun; CM is a flower that resembles a cartoon sun
Father: (Deceased) Comet Flash; grey coated pegasus stallion with a dark gray mane and three silver streaks; CM is a set of three flaming comets
-Shooting Star: Older brother; light grey pegasus with black and white streaked mane; CM is a set of three yellow shooting stars pointed upwards
-Cosmo: Younger brother; light grey blue pegasus with a navy blue mane and silver streaks; CM is a yellow four pointed star

History: Since she was a little filly, she had always hated fancy schmancy things, and despises all things girly. Unfortunately for her, she was the daughter of Sunbloom and Comet Flash, a unicorn and a pegasus who lived in Canterlot. After years of harassment in Filly Academy, her parents finally decided to send her to Ponyville to continue her schooling. There she stayed with Zecora for a few years until she was able to buy her own house, and it was there in the Everfree forest that she found her cutie mark. It was about that time when her father, Comet Flash, had died in a changeling swarm, and that was a period of suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and depression for her. Once she turned eighteen though she saw a chance to work away her grief by enlisting in the EDF. 

*Note: The pictures are of MY creation and hard work, therefore anyone who uses them without my clear permission will get reported.

((Tried not to make her too OP while being able to stand up against SOME of the bios on here... :\ Anypony thinks she's Mary Sue? +Starlight Adeveonde Tell me if I need to edit her))
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Name: Rainbow Blitz
Weapons: Thompson 

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Name: Octavia
Gender: Mare
Race: Earth pony
Personality: Classy
Bio: If I told you that, I would have to eliminate you.
Occupation: Double agent for the EBI and the Canterlot Mafia and a cellist.
Likes: The Darkness and Quiet music
Dislikes: light and loud music
Professions: Pickpocketing stealing, ETC and hacking.
Notoriety: Once was a equestrian-famous hacker who has never been caught, responsible for some of the largest web infiltrations in history.
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Name: Starlight Adeveonde
Age: 35
Sex: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
D.O.B: 01/26/1979
Access Level: Tier 10

Character info: Is the founder and General of the Equestria Defense Force, and CEO of E-tech industries. Longs to see Equestria finally have peace after so many years of turmoil and war. Hates the enemies that threaten Equis and it's peace...but hates traitors and backstabbers the most. 

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Name Snow Blue

Sex stallion


Race Pegasus

Age 23

Bio I am a military unit in the EDF and I am giving love a shot
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