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//First Day of Training\\

During their journey around the land; Ron, his mother Kaede, and the others who kind of got brought along–Ron doesn't know why but whatever mother knows best right?– anyways they would have come to their first day of training after traveling for a while.

Ron would've started his day by trying to prepare breakfast for everyone by using some of the leftover wood from the campfire night before. Using what little cookware he could salvage from his house after the destruction of Konoha, he tried to cook the meat of an animal, he'd be waiting for everyone else to get up if they hadn't already, but also he was thinking about what the land of wind would be like. He had heard tales in the past few months however he didn't know exactly what to believe. The main thing that he had heard was that the Uchiha clan was becoming prominent in the village there, and of course he had mixed feelings about this matter, the feelings welling up would've eventually come out in words as he said to himself forgetting that the others were nearby and possibly still asleep.

"Where...? Where do I belong? Do I belong here with mom? Or do I belong there with my clan?"

((Open to those in the area between Land of wind village and land of fire village, I can't think of the names, but mainly meant for +Yuuta Sato +Kouki Tajiri and +Kana Iι.))

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“I’m not that short! 5’4” is a reasonable height!”
“.. Oh.. Is that so.”
“My name isn’t Nata, it’s Kanata!”

- Name : Kitagawa [Ka]nata 北川 なた
• Age : 14
• Rank : Genin
• Affiliations : (not sure which squad yet)
• Village : Konohagakure

- Family and Descendants:
Kitagawa Kaede - Mother Deceased
Kitagawa Souta - Father Deceased
Kitagawa Shouhei - Little brother
Kitagawa Kanon - Older Sister
Sasaki Takara - Cousin
Sasaki Taiki - Cousin-in-law
Sasaki Mori - First cousin, once removed
Other members of the Otakebi clan.

She is of Otakebi descent- her mother was an Otakebi ninja and retired early to live with her husband. 

Kanata has iridescent ebony hair that’s chopped short to her shoulders, brushing against her round cheeks whenever her head tilts. It’s typically pulled up into a short, spiky ponytail when on duty as a Genin. Her eyes are a pale blue color, reminiscent of ice without its coldness and may appear as silver under certain lighting. Her attire and overall appearance varies according to weather and mood, though the sight of a dark navy scarf around her neck isn't uncommon. 
Her ninja outfit comprises a dark blue jacket with a scarf-like collar over an olive green longsleeve, dark ninja pants, ninja sandals and typical ninja pouches. Her feet up to her mid-calf are wrapped with bandages. 
• Height : 5’4”
• Weight : 88 lbs

- Jutsu Expertise

• Chakra Natures : Lightning, Wind
• First Chakra Nature Mastery Level: Amateur
• Second Chakra Nature Mastery Level: Locked

- Abilities

• Fuinjutsu
She is particularly skilled in the art of fuinjutsu even for a genin, able to come up with simple sealing formulas and subtly altering others for her own benefit.

• Chakra Control
She has a very precise control over her own chakra which is the basis of her studies in fuinjutsu and currently, medical ninjutsu. She has and is developing a technique that would allow her to manifest her chakra outside of her body. She would then alter its shape and consistency to freely utilize it in a variety of ways. However, she has much to train before she could start using it dependably in battle.

• Taijutsu
She relies on speed and her agility and is quick to take the offensive, blocking attacks and striking again before the opponent had time to adjust. Her agility, speed, and reflexes are also extraordinary- for a mere genin and can easily keep up with most chunin-level ninja. Although her speed is her strong point, her strength allows her to swing objects many times her weight and size with ease.
She is aware of the kekkai genkai that is passed along within the members of the clan- after all, she has seen her sister train it- but she has no idea how to awaken or train it. 

• Shurikenjutsu
As a ninja, she is trained in wielding bladed weapons such as kunai and shuriken. Her aim may not be fully mastered, but impressive nonetheless. She is capable of hitting targets while she, or the target is in motion with varying levels of accuracy.

- Statistics

1 - 5: [Academy Student]
6 - 9: [Academy Graduate]
10 - 13 : [Genin]
14 - 18: [Average Chunin]
19 - 23: [Average Jōnin]
24 - 30: [Kage+]

Basic Statistics

Ninjutsu Effectiveness: 8

Genjutsu Effectiveness: 11

Taijutsu Effectiveness: 12

Kekkei Genkai Level: 10

Doujutsu Level: N/A

Kinjutsu Level: N/A

Fuuinjutsu Level: 13

- Equipment

• Shuriken Pouch Contents
* Kunai x 20
* Shuriken x 20
* Bottle with Blood-Increasing + Military Rationing Pills x 20
* Explosive Tags x 28

• Bio:
Kanata came into Konohagakure at the age of the seven with only her clothes on her back and a black scarf, clutching her older sister's hand and being clung to by her little brother- all three sustaining injuries of various degrees. They knew from their mother that they had ninja relatives in Konoha, but it still came as a shock to learn of the Otakebi Clan, which shared their mother's maiden name. Currently, she's living with her cousins. 

Theme Songs

• Fallen -

• Shoot to Kill - 

• Circle : Liz Triangle -
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Fuyukage Update.

"[I am empty, but you are emptier still]." ~

"[In the cold moon, I see everything ]." ~

"[You possess great strength, but nothing else.]" ~

흣Name흣: Arashi Winter Yuki
흣Age흣: 13
흣Race흣: Caucasian
흣Rank흣: Mizukage
흣Affiliations흣: Yuki Clan, New Seven Mist Swordsmen, Winter Clan
흣Village흣: Mist Village

- Family and Descendants:
[흣Name Of Family Member흣]
ツVivienne Winterツ - Mother
ツCassandra Winterツ- Sister
ツSera Winterツ - Sister
ツGiselle Winterツ - Sister

Winter currently has white hair, striking blue eyes, and pale skin. He has a average stature, albeit slim. His clothing is a blue hooded sweater, frost collecting around the ring of the collar, and trousers bound with lighter material starting from the knee down to the rather tattered and frayed bottom, and is barefoot (sometimes) throughout his life.

He carries around a staff with a G-shaped arch, resembling a shepherd's crook. It is Winter's gateway to help him unleash his powers of conjuring snow, ice, and frost. Before Winter's current attire, he was seen wearing a brown cloak, a white woolen shirt, and a small brown open vest.

Winter was described as a slender-looking boy with sit-down flax color (light or ash brown) slightly wavy hair, blur eyes and a cream color skin before. Before getting accepted into the Sword Mastery Academy, he wore the same unbleached rough cotton or flax short-sleeved light blue tunic with irregular texture, hand-sewn threads on the cuffs and a V-shape cut on the chest, tied with a light brown cord, and trousers. When he joined the Academy, he wore a standard grey uniform. After becoming an Elite Swordsman-in-Training and being given the privilege to customize the color of his uniform, Winter chose to wear a blue uniform.

흣Height흣: 5'5
흣Weight흣: 159lbs

ӜJutsu ExpertiseӜ

ӜChakra NaturesӜ: Water, Lightning, Wind
ӜKekkei GenkaiӜ: Ice Release, Winter Release

Sensatsu Suishō: Using this technique, Like Haku, he gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles. He then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire. While the needles do surround a target from all sides, they don't appear above the target, creating an escape route. He is able to perform this jutsu with one-handed seals, allowing him to pin an opponent's arm and attack while they cannot use any techniques themselves.

Makyō Hyōshō: ecific hand seal

An abominable and tremendous ability, it was passed down only within the Yuki clan. It is a technique wrapped up in many mysteries. It was said that no method in existence can defeat this technique. In an instant, multiple mirrors of ice are created around the enemy, reflecting nothing but Winter. The opponent is trapped in a dome of twenty-one floating mirrors made out of ice. Twelve remain at ground level, eight float above the first twelve and angled towards the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. Once Winter has entered the mirrors, it's possible for him to move between the mirrors at exceedingly high speed levels. It's near impossible to follow attacks sent out from this incredible movement. As every mirror shows his reflection, one could say it's impossible to see all of Winter's attacks. Even if the opponent tries to attack the real body, Winter will have already moved to another mirror. Without eyes like the Sharingan, it will be impossible to keep track of him. If the mirror Haku is in is broken, he can leap out of one of the fragments and continue his attack or move to another mirror. The technique requires a large amount of chakra to maintain, so his movement becomes progressively slower the longer he maintains the mirrors. Haku can also form individual mirrors.

Silent Killing Techniques

[흣Description Of First Chakra Nature Mastery Level흣:] With Water release being taught by his mother, Winter had studied and trained water release all his life. He is currently a expert in water release and can perform it well than anyone or his generation. This expert level of water release has been seen by others and for a boy of his age to master such release so young than anyone older than him, it is a scary sight what if might become in the future, all in one year. This would include other releases as well, wind release is currently being trained, making him a amateur in this nature at first, but now he is getting better at it.

- ӜAbilitiesӜ
Superhuman Speed:
Contrary to the belief that the fastest member of the Kirigakure all the time, Winter is the 4th Ninja and history to hold the fastest in the Kirigakure and not be apart of a Division. Winter's unmatchable Speeds comes from a mix of his rigorous training that he constantly puts himself through, a natural talent of speed, and the effects of his ability. Of all of his skills, Winter has trained his speed the most. Through setting up courses to move through or timing himself in how far he can cover in a certain amount of time, he constantly pushed himself to become faster. Ever since he was a child growing up in his Noble house, he was known to be a quite hyperactive and quick one to say the least. Even his parents had trouble keeping up with him. Also, to further push his skills of Speed, Winter has a rare trait that actually influences his abilities in the more mystical arts of a Ninja such as Speed and Fuuinjutsu without even being released. His Speed can only be compared to a lightning bolt; some say he can actually outpace one. With the use of specialized electric bolts throughout his muscles, he can ultimately use an influx of the energy to push his muscles to however faster he needs them.

Kenjutsu Master:
Winter is known to be one of another great swordsman of the Kirigakure, and this is quite obvious due to the fact that he holds two swords rather than one; a blessing that ultimately signifies one as a powerful Swords user. Winter isn't truly ambidextrous however, for any strike with his left handed sword can be see as some what weaker due to the injury of this arm. However, Winter sees this a bit of an opportunity. By knowing that his left arm is weaker, he uses his right handed sword as a guard while his left arm is the offensive. Winter also, when fighting very close, can switch the style of how he holds the sword, his most talented feature of his Kenjutsu style. He would generally block with his right handed blade than flip his left handed blade to where the blade is facing down and deliver a good slash up close.

~Iaijutsu Master:
A secondary style to his main Kenjutsu style, Winter is quite talented in the arts of Iaijutsu, the technique of quickly unsheathing, striking, and sheathing a sword all in one motion. He generally uses this technique on weaker or slower enemies so he can get a first strike in if needed, or just to end things quickly. Winter on multiple occasions has ended a fight with a single, exceptionally fast draw of only one of his swords. His extensive Speed abilities allow him to pull such moves so quickly without putting himself into much harm. His speed is the main reason why he learned this technique, and he originally learned to master Iaijutsu before he technically mastered Kenjutsu.

Tactical/Strategic Expert:
Winter doesn't truly plot up things before he charges into battle, but he can be a very keen and intelligent fighter from just confronting his enemy. From a simple pause such as a talk or need to catch their breath of an enemy, he can analyze what he is exactly fighting against by posture, energy and style all to a certain extent. His best stratagems however are thought up in the midst of battle, and this allows him to adjust his fighting style on the go, counteracting in certain ways to further defeat an opponent, deducing their strengths from their weaknesses. If they prefer fighting close, he'll fight from afar, if they want to keep range, he'll continually push toward them, if their aggressive he will fight defensively, it's a simple game of fox-in-paw where one must outsmart the other on a whim.

Winter is able to tap and induce the winter and the powers/forces it represents: snow and ice, cold, and solitude. It is also time of endurance and survival with any means possible, waiting, reflection and preparation for the upcoming growth season. Many in his family possess some degree, but not Winter, he have a very astonishing control over winter, using his Chakra which can be dangerous for allies and himself. This can take up so much chakra If not trained right and for non users.

•Temperature - Combining his winter release, and the temperature, he can make it low and cold.

- 흣Clan Special Traits흣

There is a hiden technique, where he could summon and manipulate mass of snow similar to Garra Sand, Winter manipulate Snow and even draw water from it. In Suna, it's proven to be weak by high temperature and hard to control it there, and he could manipulate or summon winter, including its aspects.

- ӜStatisticsӜ

ӜBasic StatisticsӜ

흣Ninjutsu Effectiveness흣: 30

흣Genjutsu Effectiveness흣: 28

흣Taijutsu Effectiveness흣: 29

흣Kekkei Genkai Level흣: 30

흣Doujutsu Level:흣 0

흣Kinjutsu Level흣: 30+

흣Fuuinjutsu Level흣: 23.5

- ӜEquipmentӜ

*Kunai x 18+
*Shuriken x 13+
*Flash Bomb x 90+
*Chakra Pill x 80+
*Food Pill x 50+

Bio: Winter is from a far away land in the ninja world that is always cold, and snowing almost every day and still now. He was born from a village called the lend of the snow, but grew up in the Mist Village after tragic reasons he will not share and what he have done to the land of snow as a child which force him to move and be watched by the mist Village.

Theme Songs

[Sekirei ] - [Change the World]

[Bleach] - [Nothing Explained]

[Naruto Op 9 ] - [ Yura Yura - Hearts Grow ]

- Currently Obtained Boosts

- [Insert Boost Name - I am a Shinobi!]

- [Insert Boost Name - Link To Approval Post]

- [Insert Skill-Boost Name - Link To Approval Post.

Animated Photo

Look at my OC clan:
+Kouki Tajiri
+Koyuki Misutø


Soragakure has open positions and potential opportunities for OC's to become stronger. Come be a ninja of the village hidden in the sky.

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"Don't call me Fat!!"

"I'm not fat just have big bones on me!"

"I am the best Ramen eater!"

- Name : Chūmi Akimichi
• Age : 9
• Race : Caucasian
• Rank : Acadeamy Student
• Affiliations : Akimichi Clan, Konohagakure No Sato Acadeamy
• Village : The Village Hidden In The Leaves

- Family and Descendants:
• [Name Of Family Member] -
●Sū Akimichi (Mother)

• [Name Of Family Member] -
●Taka Akimichi (Father)

• [Name Of Family Member]
●Choji Akimichi (Great~ Great~ Grandfather)

-Appearance: Chūmi has Dark Organge~ish hair with two red circle that's in swirls.- - • Height : 4"2- - • Weight : 140 pounds - - - Jutsu Expertise- - • Chakra Natures : Ying
- • Kekkei Genkai : N/A- - • [Description Of First Chakra Nature Mastery Level: Amateur- - • [Description Of First Chakra Nature Mastery Level: Amateur

- -Abilities

- • Multi Size~Technique

- • Ino~Shika~Cho Formation

- • Human Bullet Tank

- •Human Bullet Yoyo

- - Clan Special Traits

- • Chūmi has great physical strength and can transform his chakra into calories and turn this into secret techniques which all Akimichi can do.

- Statistics-

1 - 5: [Academy Student]
6 - 9: [Academy Graduate]
10 - 13 : [Genin]
14 - 18: [Average Chunin]
19 - 23: [Average Jōnin]
24 - 30: [Kage+]

Basic Statistics

-Ninjutsu Effectiveness: 6

-Genjutsu Effectiveness: 1

-Taijutsu Effectiveness:10

Kekkei Genkai Level:0

Doujutsu Level: 0

-Kinjutsu Level:0

-Fuuinjutsu Level: 0

- - Equipment- - • Shuriken Pouch Contents -
* Kunai x 2
* Shiruken X 2

• Bio: Chūmi Akimichi born the son of Taka Akimichi and his wife Sū Akimichi.He was often bullied by other kids for always eating.As he would defend himself.He didn't have many friends as the only friends he had were in the Nara and Yamanaka Clan.Chūmi eventually went into the Acadeamy to become a Ninja.Chūmi hopes to become the leader of his clan one day and to bring peace of his Village and the Shinobi World.He later on became a Genin.

- Theme Songs- -• Background Theme - Haruka Kanta By Asian Kung Fu Generation-

- • Battle theme- Live and Learn By Crush 40

• Sad Theme- Plastic By Ten Foot Pole

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Official Community Profile Template

"[Insert Quote 1 - Optional]." ~
"The name's Shikaro, don't forget it."

"[Insert Quote 2 - Optional]." ~
"How troublesome."

"[Insert Quote 3 - Optional]." ~
"Woof, woof."

"[Insert Quote 4 - Optional]."~
"I'm a Nara and an Inuzuka, try me if you please..."

- Name : Shikaro Inuzara
• Age : 13
• Race : African-Japanese
• Rank : Genin
• Affiliations : Inuzuka Clan, Nara Clan, Shinobi of the Leaf, Yamanaka Clan, Akimichi Clan

• Village : Konohagakure

- Family and Descendants:
• [Shukadi Nara] - Father

• [Unarigoe Inuzuka] - Mother

Appearance: Picture
• Height : 5'2
• Weight : 41.4 Kilograms

- Jutsu Expertise

• Chakra Natures : Yin Release

• Kekkei Genkai : N/A

• [Description Of First Chakra Nature] Novice

- Abilities
Shadow Imitation Technique"
Fang over Fang
Shadow Gathering Technique

- Clan Special Traits

• [Description Of Clan Related Ability: Kekkei Genkai, Hiden]

• [Description Of Clan Related Ability: Kekkei Genkai, Hiden]
- Statistics

1 - 5: [Academy Student]
6 - 9: [Academy Graduate]
10 - 13 : [Genin]
14 - 18: [Average Chunin]
19 - 23: [Average Jōnin]
24 - 30: [Kage+]

Basic Statistics

Ninjutsu Effectiveness: 11

Genjutsu Effectiveness: 10

Taijutsu Effectiveness: 11

Kekkei Genkai Level: N/A

Hiden Level: 13

Doujutsu Level: N/A

Kinjutsu Level: N/A

Fuuinjutsu Level: N/A

- Equipment

• Shuriken Pouch Contents [What's In Your Shuriken Pouch? You can have up to 4 slots for different weapons. They should be typed like so:]
[Kunai] x [20]
[Smoke Bombs] x [5]
[Shuriken] x [15]
[]Light Bomb] x [1]

• Bio: *To be revealed through roleplay


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"Never give up, if you do your a quitter and if you quit once your sure to make habbit of it"

Kuroki Fuun (Ku-roo-ni)





][Sexual Orientation][

][Blood Type][

May 13

Fun loving, studious, upbeat

][Good Trait(s)][
Kuroki has a very strong will and if he sets out to do something he is sure to finish it. If he makes a promise he trys his hardest to forfill it.

][Bad Trait(s)][
Focuses mainly on training wanting to make his Mother proud of him

Training, Pocky, sweets

Bitter foods, Quitters, Bullys, and loosing friends


Loosing loved one

Listening, Sight, Taijutsu

None known

][]Looks and Appearance[][

][Body Type/Looks][
Skinny, muscular


90 pounds


Ear Rings

Blood, Death

][Scars or Tattoos][
He has a Tattoo crossing over his right eye, and a scar starting on the bridge of his nose, going to the left side of his face, he normaly has his left eye closed

][Jewelry and/or Piercings][
Ear rings


Mother- Alive
Father- Dead



][Best Friend(s)][
Shino Shizaki- Alive


Saurtobi Shizaki- Alive





Mr. Kame a small spiny turtle that Kuroki found and fell in love with while wandering the village

][]Favorites/Least Favorites[][

Pocky, Pretzles


Red, Black


][Time of Day][
Sun set, Dusk




][]Ninja Information[][

][Birth Village][

][Current Village][

][Academy Graduation Age][

][Chūnin Promotion Age][

][Jounin Promotion Age][

][Current Rank][
Acadamy Student

][Ninja Status][

][Do you host a Bijuu?][


][Chakra Element(s)][

Deer Horn Knives (Chinese: 鹿角刀; pinyin: Lùjiǎodāo), also known as crescent moon knives or duck blades (Chinese: 鸳鸯钺; pinyin: Yuānyāngyuè), are specialised Chinese bladed weapons consisting of two steel crescents crossing. They are used in Chinese martial arts. This crossing produces four curved, clawlike points, one of which is extended as the "main" blade. The practitioner grips the wrapped middle of the lengthened crescent with the other acting as a hand guard. Relatively short weapons that were easily concealable in traditional Chinese clothing, they are usually trained in pairs, one for each hand, hence the plural title of the article.

Deer Horn Knives are especially associated with the soft style Chinese martial art Baguazhang, which is known for its diverse weaponry. They are mainly used in trapping an opponent's weapon in aid of tying up or breaking the opponent's weapon, disarming the opponent and other close combat applications.

The Deer Horn Knives are normally used against longer weapons such as spear, sword, broadsword, or any weapon which uses safe distances to attack from. One advantage of the Deer Horn Knives in comparison to a longer weapon is that seeing as the deer horn knives are direct appendages of the hands, they can be moved with great speed and precision, and along with their ease of concealment, can easily be used to catch their opponent off guard

][Ninja Tool(s)][
Tag, Smoke, Flash, Chili pepper, Poison gas bombs, Metal wire, Antidotes, Soldier pills, Kundai Knifes, Shuriken, and a book

The last thing he has is a left side full arm gaurd that seals half of Kuroki's chakra. When removed his stamina is doubled and his agility is raised consiterably

Strong Fist (剛拳, Gōken) is Guy's and Lee's characteristic fighting style, the purpose of which is to cause external damage and break bones. It is the exact opposite of Gentle Fist which is used mainly by the Hyūga Clan. This style of fighting involves smashing your opponent and is generally used only by extremely physically powerful and dominating shinobi.
Kekkei Genkai :
Demon style: Chakra blade
Another move used with Kuroki's unsealed left arm. By concintrating chakara into a weapon or around his finger tips he can cut through anything if he wants to. The chakra used with this is black in color and forms a blade with more cutting power than one made with Wind or Lightning Chakra

Clone jutsu
Subtitusion jutsu
Transformation jutsu

Training For:
Silent Fist (無音の拳, Muon no Ken) is a fighting style created by Shira. With it he is able to render his movements completely silent by cloaking himself in chakra. Neji Hyūga likens its usage to the feathers of an owl, as the chakra cloak makes the users movements virtually unpredictable.

Kuroki normaly uses his Deer Horn Knives with this tecnique.

Havoc Fist:
Havoc Fist is a taijutsu unique to Kuroki that involves the strong direct hits of Strong Fist with added palm strikes and jabs but also introduces the unpredictability of silent fist making it an extreamly hard style to master

~Ninja stats~

~Strength in jutsu~

Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: 16
Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: 8
Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 22
Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]: 17
Doujutsu [eye techniques]: 8
Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]: 15
Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]: 10

~Strength in missions~

Intelligence: 10
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 13
Charisma: 15
Comeliness: 15
Chakra Control:21

~Additional info~
Kuroki seals half of his chakra mainly to conseal his Kekkei Genkai that he developed when he was 6 and started sealing it when he moved to Kotogakure to attend the Academy there. Even when his arm is sealed Kuroki has a large chakra pool. When unsealed his left arm returns to its demonic shape

Kuroki was born in Kisaragi Village and lived a mostly quiet life untell he was 6. His life had been turned upside-down when his left arm started to take on a demon like appirence. After that, the once loving villagers considered him a bad omen, and refused to let him be anywere near there children. Worryed his mother brought him to Kotogakure , making him cover his arm to have it checked out. The medic Nin determaned that it was a physical manistation of his chakra wraped around his arm, saying it seemed to be an unbefore seen Kekkei Genkai,and it would eventualy disperse once he learned enough chakra control and requested that he stay at the village to become a ninja of the village. His mother agreed as long as he would be treated well. After awhile he was put into a bachler ninja apartment, given an arm gaurd that sealed half of his chakra, dissipating the demonic features, and was frequently visited by a member of the village and his elder son, Sarutobi and Shino Shizaki, And was taught careful chakra control by Sarutobi and taijutsu by Shino

Now Two years later Kuroki has finaly joined the Academy, but he is normaly board because of what Shino and Sarutobi teach him.
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"My bloodline isn't what makes me strong...It's my never give up....."

”Hahaa this is gonna be fun!!”

- Name:
 Uchiha, Izuto
• Age:*
• Race:
• Village:
Formerly of Konohagakure

- Family and Descendants:

• Older Brother- Sage Uchiha  

• Twin Brother- Sen Uchiha  

Izuto has short hair that stops past his ears, and slightly down his neck, his lean body type though is not to be undermined. Since a young age, 6 to be exact. Izuto has been training every day pushing his limits to the point of passing out in mid session. His body being jacked if you saw it, each muscle seeming to be perfectly chiseled as he tormented himself mentally and physically. Izuto stands at a height of 5'8 without and shoes on his feet. With them he is 5'11 and seems as if he would be that height naturally. Both embracing his fears and preparing for it to become a reality, the choice  to do what is needed to achieve his goals gave him a slightly cocky look to most, others will just see it as confidence as he yearns to surpass his older brother Sage. A single tat is on his back. Yin and Yang. The symbol of balance which is usually used for the Hyuuga Clan, but Izuto took a liking it it quite some time ago.

• Weight: 190


Self named. "Demon Akiro-"
A Blade made from Obsidian gifted to him by a Merchant Shinobi Izuto saved involuntarily when he was 16 years of age, taking it to a nearby place in the known area. Spending some time learning to craft as he continued to study and learn the arts of crafting. The blade has a custom wrap around the handle, black and red with a extra strap around it for a little more grip. The blade is also able to channel chakra into its structure for increased damaged with certain chakras. Wind and lightning.

Kunai links:
Kunai knives with black wires attached to them, able to be used to throw and retract kunai. as well as change the direction of it in mid air with just a twist of the hands. If Izutos Wind chakra is added to these kunai they will become sharp enough to split a hair seeing as how they are already sharp. Even the wire of which the kunais are linked to may be enough to cause damage if enough force is applied.

- Jutsu Expertise
Chakra Natures:
Wind style, fire style
• Kekkei Genkai:*

Sharingan, Master:
Using it, he gains access to the dōjutsu's generic abilities such as seeing chakra, predicting movements, and placing a victim under paralyzing genjutsu with just a single glance as well as mimicking jutsus but only during his will of courage can he maintain enough focus to copy more than 3 jutsu and hold them all other than that Izuto can only mimic and hold one jutsu and copy the rest as they are being used. 

_ Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan:_ With his left and right he has 2 techniques between them. None of which are genjutsu based, same as his brother Sen. Even though his skills were are quiet proficient in genjutsu. Combining both eyes allows for the creation of his very own Susanoo. His Susanoo is like the Uchiha of old, it’s full bodied not containing just an upper body but legs as well. But with this he wont lose his "Light" hence the "Eternal" portion of this technique 

Susanō: Izuto has several different techniques for his Susanō, all of which are unknown as he rarely uses it from fear of going blind. His Susanō is White in color, carrying twin swords. same as his twin even though the shape of the susanoo is different. image provided

Insane Battle IQ: 
Izuto was always a very intelligent child, making most his age seem like a regular adolescent child regardless of their intellect. When it came to battle Izuto was on a whole different level. Even without using his Sharingan he can predict what most will do only extraordinary ninja could ever really surprise him despite the look he might show on his face. After Izuto views almost all of his opponents abilities he gains the upperhand instantly planning ways to defeat said opponent nothing is ruled out in a fight.

Taijutsu Enhance:
During his Vigorous hell like training since he was young, with nothing but a drive to go off of and his solid determination to never give up. Izuto learned the basics of taijutsu and can use his chakra to enhance his latent ability when it comes to physical power. Enough to abolish a bounder with one punch, but only for a certain amount of time. The strain on his body is great and might result in him pulling a muscle or just being extremely sore for a while (10 Comments if the rp continues Next rp incase it doesn't reach 10. Need to ask mod if it still counts if the rp is abandoned by the other role player.)

Self named Burning wind: 
Izuto combines his Fire and Wind Chakra releases, heating up the wind around whichever area he chooses as well as what he transmits it to. Rather it’s a blade, Kunai, or even his fist. The ground isn’t as safe as it may seem either. The temperature of the earth can also be altered if the air around it is heated up enough, so much that even the moisture in the ground could dry out as well as plant life making it seem as if they are in a desert. Heating up the air around a person is possible as well, this could also cause some serious damage if it is inhaled burning the lungs and draining stamina from the lack of air. This particular jutsu has many uses yet Izuto can't think of them all, they simply come to him with the flow of battle. Although this ability may seem omnipotent it is not. Izuto likes to limit his chakra usage especially with this because it takes a large amount of chakra to pull off even three of the uses he wants to with quick succession. If it is planned out before hand it may last longer. 

Grand Fireball:
A decent amount of chakra for one of Izuto’s standards is put into one fell blast of fire, curling itself into a Giant fireball

Self named Blazing slice:
By combining his Fire style with his blade, Izuto can launch a large wave of fire capable of burning off human flesh while creating a very large laceration on any single entity  wherever it hits. Both burning and cutting said location upon said entity.

Pressurized Wind Cannon: 
Using his Wind chakra nature Izuto can muster up and compress a large amount of wind. Holding it up to 5 minutes before launching the devastating pressure of wind capable of cause a broken bone if taken head on.

Basic weapon summoning:
Izuto was taught what little he knows about this from the same merchant who gifted him the materials to craft his blade. The most he knows how to do with this knowledge is make weapon summoning scrolls such as his linked kunai.

- Statistics

1 - 5: [Academy Student]
6 - 9: [Academy Graduate]
10 - 13 : [Genin]
14 - 18: [Average Chunin]
19 - 23: [Average Jōnin]
24 - 30: [Kage+]

Basic Statistics

Ninjutsu Effectiveness: 13

Genjutsu Effectiveness: 19

Taijutsu Effectiveness: 13 

Kekkei Genkai Level: 11

Doujutsu Level: 14

Kinjutsu Level: 15

Fuuinjutsu Level:

- Equipment

Shuriken Pouch Contents [What's In Your Shuriken Pouch? You can have up to 4 slots for different weapons. They should be typed like so:]
[Heavy Paper Bomb: x6]
[Poison tag: x2]
[Weapon summoning scroll: x1]
[Shuriken: x64]

• Bio: Will be revealed through rp
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