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Hey gang! In response to the tragic demise of G+, we're going to provide two new homes for SotDL enthusiasts. First, we are in the process of building a forum that will be attached to Schwalb Entertainment. Second, +Rick Hull has built a new group on MeWe. Click through to join.

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Our latest episode on Goblins is out! We talked lore and rolled up a couple of characters using the Snot and Stitches from

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I just released Liber Monstrorum which features 6 new monsters and an adventure hook for each as a Disciple of the Demon Lord!

You can get it here:

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Join us this Saturday, October 20th, in Los Angeles at Game Empire Pasadena's Game Day of Shadow of the Demon Lord. Session begin at 10:30am and 2:00pm.

Game Empire Pasadena
1795 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106

We will be playing Assault at the Ogre Camp - One Ogre's Quest To Find True Love. Bring your friends and a rag to clean up your blood.

We've got everything you need, all we need is YOU! Become a Disciple today! Recruiters available.

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Here is the cover for Liber Monstrum for Shadow of the Demon Lord, it will be releasing soon!

Thank you Robert Schwalb for allowing us to play in your sandbox and thank your @David Guyll and Melissa Fisher for your excellent artwork!!


Magus question:
Staff of Magic You create a magical staff that acts as your implement. When you attack with the staff, you make the attack roll with 1 boon and the attack deals 1d6 extra damage.

Does this apply to attack spells, too?

Any suggestion for a master path?
The character is a spellguard sylph sorcerer with time and storm, with light armor and high agility.

New to the system, but already playing in an online campaign. I have the Core rulebook and a couple of the additional pdfs, but I have a question for the community here - what is the best way to get "caught up" on the content already published? Are there collections of material anywhere? Maybe a bundle on DriveThruRPG? Even just a master list of all the products would help. I couldn't find anything in my initial search.

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These are previews for the German edition of SotDL :-) Im very excited and happy that these books are ready for the SPIEL convention
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Got a question...could a spirit conceivably contact/get linked to the Void or the Demon Lord? Or are they not free-willed enough to seek out dark magics once they're dead?
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