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Happy DeMonday! Paths of Battle is now available. This supplement introduces the knight and expands on several expert paths from the main rulebook!

Looking for suggestions for best adventure for Starting characters that does a good job of capturing the "look and feel" without being too heavy-handed on the squick or gore.

Have a player that's new to gaming and don't want to scare them off. :)

Thoughts on Simplified Weapon Rules?

In another conversion, I had someone say

"…if I was playing a more melee focused character I'd hate it. That rule strips out a lot of flexibility and customization that you can achieve with your weapon selection."

I like them because they give you bonuses for higher attributes. Weaker characters (lower Str) don't do as much damage with a sword then a burly character.

Of course I think the simplified weapons can be improved: for instance, I think there needs to be a light hand weapon that covers the short sword/long knife from the book (the rapier is too expensive and has too many riders to be a simple off-hand weapon).


Devil Summoning

The table on Exquisite Agony page 18 gives varying difficulty ratings of devils ranging from 1 -500 against the type of gifts they might offer. In discussion of summoning it says devils can only give gifts if they have the Infernal Gift trait.

However in the Creatures of Hell section there are only 4 beings which have the Infernal Gift trait and their lowest Difficulty rating is 50 (Angel). So would I be right in assuming there are minor devils of lower difficulties with the infernal gift trait such as variant forms of bogie or devilkin? Or do such minor devils only offer services rather than gifts when summoned and you have to summon a more powerful demon even to get lower value gifts?

GenCon 2017
Will Schwalb Entertainment have a presence at GenCon this year? Can't find them on the exhibitor's list.

Elementalists seem underpowered at level 3. Thinking of giving them a boost. Thought something like a boon to relevant knowledge or perception checks when attuned to the right element might be nice, so you might notice minor tremors in the earth, temperature fluctuations, air movements, or water current changes. Yet that might not come into play often. Could extend it to relevant strength or agility challenge rolls. Any thoughts?

Rule Clarification Question:


Greater Sorcery: Paths of Power changed the description of Greater Sorcery to include the text: "Greater Sorcery replaces the Sorcery talent."

Greater Sorcery does not mention losing strain after completing a rest like Sorcery does.

Should strain always be lost after resting, or is Greater Sorcery intended to allow the Sorcerer to retain accumulated strain?


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Session nine happened this very morning, and the adventurers made their first steps into the Underworld, on their way to the Void.

Next Friday I plan to start running A campaign. Does anyone have advice for a first time DM for this game? 

Map Scale

Would you say that the map scale of the Continent of Rul map is twice that of the Northern Reach map? 1.5x larger?
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