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Name: Shaak Ti
Age: 47
Species: Togruta
Gender: Female
Side: Jedi

Family: Cyranm Beliym (Nephew) Salina Ti (Sister) Corin Ti (Brother)

Master: Unknown

Apprentice: Fe Sun (dead), Andrea Markovitz

Position: Grand Master of Shili Jedi High Council, Republic Relations Officer, Republic Diplomat

Consitor Sato
Beast Control
Force Push
Force Pull
Force Crush
Force Lift
Force Wave
Force Valor
Force Shock
Force Quake
Force Repulse
Force Maelstrom
Alter Environment
Ultrasonic Abilities
Controlling Fauna
Lightning Blade
Plant Surge
Force Augmentation

Armament: 1 blue bladed normal lightsaber and 1 orange modified lightsaber

Techniques: well versed in all forms but particularly uses Makashi, Ataru and Jar'Kai

Lives in: Shili Jedi Temple/Coruscant Jedi Temple

Status: Alive, hiding.

Codname: Clairvoyant

Aliases: Kara Mindulla, Tillum Zarmin, Master Ti.

Biography: I am a Jedi Master on the High Council, a General in a war, a healer in a fraternity, but I am not a soothsayer, so I cannot see my future, and I intend to keep it that way, for, the Future is more vicious than the darkness' corruption.

(Capital Ship Template)_________________________________

Class: Modified Class-XV-43 Mandator-II
Name: Triumphant
Commander-in-Chief: Jedi High General Shaak Ti
Captain: Admiral of the Fleet Honorius V. Scar, Admiral Travis R. Stoll, Vice Admiral Constantine R. Vorrus, Commander Arcan S. Alevardus

Assigned Fleet: Liberation Fleet (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 4th & 9th Battle Vanguards), Ravastra Invasion Force (6th, 7th, 8th Republic Sentinel Fleets) , 4th Naboo Home Defense Fleet

Base of Operations: Fort Malevolence (Above Naboo)
Iduxius Superfort (Hidden Behind Ossus/Idux)

Alias: The Grey Ghost, Swift Death

Code Name: I-V-I-2-3-4 Echo

(Base Template) ___________________________________

Name: Arcanis Fort , Base of Operations for the 5th, 6th, 17th and 1st Republic Liberation Armadas, Headquarters for Gamma, Echo and Bravo Resistance Army Divisions

Commander-In-Chief/Supreme High General: Shaak Ti

Location: Corona Plains, Naboo, East of Navenya Mountain Range and West of the Kris Grazing Fields.

Fort Class: Level 9 Behemoth Legendaria
Features: 30 sets of Ithryvian Long Range Anti-Capital Turrets, 40 Hangars Capital-Class Level 7, Arcovenator Command Center


Name: Iduxius Superfort, Base of Operations for 13th, 4th, 6th, 7th, 18th, 16th, 25th and 1st Republic Battle Vanguards, Base of Operations for 15th,16th,17th and 18th Legions, General Headquarters for Jedi Order, General Headquarters for Battlefleet Armada and Arcovanica Fleet, General Assembly Location for 'Council of Liberated Worlds', Supreme Headquarters for all Space Forces under the Command of Supreme High General Shaak Ti

Commander-In-Chief: Jedi Grand Battlemaster Honorica Veloria (Formerly), Jedi Grand Master Shaak Ti (Currently),
Jedi Knight Torrus Semantica (Vice)

Location: Grid F-1-23-45, Behind Ossus/Idux

Space Station Class: Level 20 Imperium Legendaricum
Features: Detachable Command Center, 200 Sets of Harmonican Anti-Super-Capital Long Range Turrets, 100 Wings of V-Wing, V-19 Torrents, and Z-95 Headhunter Fighters

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Walking in the great hall I see my aunt I go to her I haven't seen her in years hello my aunt
+Shaak Ti

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i have a new community called sith lord academy of the sith arts and sith ways it is a community school and i own it all you sith lords and their apprentices so join it and make the sith order better by doing so and finally it will boost the sith much more than it is right now

can we renamed the order into the more balance order

Whats is youngling? is padawan?

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Name: Cryanm Beliym

Age: 30

Species: Half Togruta Half Human

Gender: Male

Family: (Human father) Gaylen Beliym (Togruta mother) Salina Ti-Beliym (aunts) Shaak Ti Debila Ti (Sisters) Felina Beliym and Deliena Beilym-Gilim (wife) Kira Onasi-Beliym (Adopted son) Valinetine Beliym (niece) Andrea Gilim

Friends: Ahsoka and Tahinie Tano Vash Zortanis
Home World: Shili

Side: Jedi

Rank: Jedimaster

Position : Deputy Headmaster of the togruta Jedi order

Force augmentation
Force Bomb
Force crush
Force maelstrom
Force deflection
Force shock wave
Force wave
Force quake
Force Pull
Force Push
Force Grip
Force jump
Force speed
Force Wave
Force Repulse
Force Healing (very powerful)
Force lightning (purified)
Fore site
Beast control
Mind manipulation
Mind wipe
Able to strip a person force ability
Able to cloak force ability from other force users
Able to speak any language
A powerful self healer
Able to control all animals
A skilled negotiator

Weapons: Three double bladed lightsabers (one blue one purple one white) one silver single bladed lightsaber one gold single blabbed lightsaber

Secret weapon: Lightsaber of creation (clear blade with a black outline)

Equipment: Battle armor togruta battle armour a box of rare kyber crystals

Bio: I was four years old when the clones attacked the temple I was almost killed but at the last moment my father came and save my mother aunt Debila Ti and myself at the time we thought that aunt  Shaak Ti was killed with the other jedimasters later she was found to be on the planet Felucia.. she evaded the attempt on her life when vader sent Star Killer   to kill her. back on Shili where my father took us my mother taught my the ways of the force and soon Aunt Shaak Ti came to Shili there She establish the jedi temple on Shili for Togruta jedi . during my final years training I went to the Shili temple but took my trials at the new temple on Corusant where I became a jedi knight after many years I became a jedimaster I then met a sith call Kari I helped her see the truth behind what happened to her I should her how to balance the dark and light side later we got married 
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