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Hey guys. I just joined.

How about I slit your pretty throat,and keep your ocean eyes

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There was this woman named Areli with three children, the oldest one was 9 years old named Natalia, the second one was only 5 named Amanda and the 3rd one was 3 years old named Rodrigo. Areli was preparing a bath for the three year old child in the bathtub. Then the 5 year old girl was with her older sister making clothes for their dolls, then she asked: "hey, do you have any scissors?". The 9 year old girl shrugged as she responded: "ask mom, i dont have any". Amanda got up and went to the living room to look for them, a moment later, she found them under the television, then suddendly, her mother's phone rang. She picked it up: "hello?" she said, waiting for a response. Then a voice was heard saying: "hello? Who is this?" Amanda responded "this is Amanda, who are you looking for?" -"oh, Amanda, this is your father, get your mom quickly, its an emergency" Amanda quickly ran over to the bathroom where her mother was, still holding the scissors. "Mom!! Daddy is on the phone and wants to talk to you, now!!" Areli left the water in the bathtub running as she walked to where the phone was. Amanda left the bathroom, with her brother in the bathtub with running water.
Areli finished the talk with her husband and said "kids! Get in the car, now!!". Amanda was running to the front yard where the car was, still with the scissors in her hand. But then she tripped over with a stone and the scissors jabbed her in the forehead. Blood was all over her face.
Natalia heard her mother, but decided to look for Rodrigo, so, she walked in the bathroom he was, but to the surprise of finding him dead. He drowned. So then she ran out of the house to find the car her mother was in to tell her what happened. But the car was already moving, Natalia put herself in front of the car hoping her mother would stop and listen to her, but instead, the car hit her. She died as well.
Areli stepped over to look at Natalia, lying on the ground motionless, then she turned over to the front yard, finding Amanda with a pair of bloody scissors jabbed in her head. Areli was broken inside. Then she walked back in the house to find Rodrigo, but he was dead as well.
She was filled with pain, so, she couldnt bare to watch any more. She grabbed a knife and jabbed herself in the heart, saying her last words: i. Am. Sorry.

The end. Good night.

Don't you ever wonder what else is awake with you? Ya know late at night when its dark and you can't sleep. You keep on hearing noise's but assume its all in your head, just childish paranoia. But trust me its not, you don't realize you're not alone. Just be thankful it didn't know your awake, but maybe it does now.

Welcome one and all
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