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New blog post up on the Growling Door site. We're gonna do one a week leading up to the launch of the Undead Kickstarter on October 3rd.

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Hi guys, old school 1st and 2nd edition player here.
Just got my hardcover 3rd edition along with the Save softcover and the Monsters pdf.
Would love a tutorial on actual gameplay. Anyone know of anything? Just a few rounds of combat and some use of the art and evil way?
I'll be honest, the rulebook is tough to follow. And I'm sure I'd catch on quickly if I just saw some actual gameplay.
You tube? Anyone wanna link in on Messenger or whatever and live stream something with me?

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Two new cases up for free download! 

People of CHILL: I have a simple question to ask as an outsider. Doing a podcast episode about how different horror systems handle "Sanity" in contrast to Call of Cthulhu. Could someone who is fluent in CHILL give me a quick nutshell of how fear mechanics work in CHILL? I have 2nd Edition in PDF, so I can summarize from that. But I would love to hear how a frequent GM would describe the way it works. And if you have thoughts about any strengths and / or differences of the mechanic itself, that would be most helpful. Thank you! 

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La campagne de financement pour la version française de Chill 3e édition est en cours.
The crowdfunding campaign for the Chill 3rd edition French version is now on.

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My french overview of CHILL 3rd Edition! A very fun game! 

Is anyone aware of non Mayfair published CHILL 2nd ed. adventures?
For instance in gaming magazines like Different Worlds, etc.

I soooo wish we could get a run of the awesome Chill tokens that came with the boxed set to be available again for purchase for a time. I'd love to buy another couple sets. They are really awesome.

Has anyone seen the adventure "Hocus Pukys!"? According to rpgnet, it was written for the intended 3rd edition from Other World Creations. It is listed as "self published" rather than being credited to Other Worlds.

Don't have my rulebook right next to me...

When activating a Takeaway or Drive (light or dark) are the activations the same as the list of stuff you can do normally when flipping a token light or dark?

Or are they special/unique ones?
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