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Name: Vix

Gender: female

Powers: some of sans powers but a purple smoke

Personality: soft, sweet, shy,depressed, and unable to talk to people

Bio: father abandoned her leaving her in the middle of the war over coming a flam man slaying a human walking up to it saying hello sir have you seen my father then the fire man took her saving her putting her in the undergrounds discovering her true power she walks around many timelines finding her timeline

Crush: unknown

Family: grilby(stepfather)

Other: part demon,wolf, and human

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Name: Evan

Nickname: Hate

Age: Looks to be 17 or so

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Personification of the HATE from RuinGaster’s soul

Abilities/Attacks: Black tendrils to create weapons or block attacks, they can also grab enemies or really do a lot of things. Can copy any attack RuinGaster has used. Also uses black fireballs.

Weapons: Knife, Scythe, Chains, fire.

Bio: I'd type it but it is really long and full of trigger warnings.

Soul: See pic below

Appearance: Torn, black cloak, necklace in the shape of a scythe, black eyes and hair, with messy hair. Black eyepatch over right eye. ((See pic below for more details.))


HP: ???

ATK: 1000

DEF: 1500

LV: Very damn high

Fun facts:

*Hate feeds off of any HATE or negative feelings in the area, which can make him stronger if he needs it to.

*Hate is inspired by the soul color of Black, which means Hate, from Glitchtale by Camila Cuevas.

*While Hate protects Gaster most of the time, since he can leave the soul at will, he likes to cause trouble in timelines whenever possible.

*Whenever Hate is summoned near him, Gaster will always disappear, hiding in the Soul.
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Hate and RuinGaster are always together, and very close. So I had to make a profile for RuinGaster too.

Name: RuinGaster

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Bio: Also full of trigger warnings. So...yeah.

Soul color: See pic below.

Species: Skeleton

Abilites/Attacks: Bones, Soulkinesis, Gaster blasters, black void-like tendrils.


HP: 10,000/100,000 ((Due to how broken his soul is.))

ATK: 600

DEF: 370

LV: Unknown

Appearance: Red and purple eyes, red on the left and purple on the right, torn lab coat with black scarf. Hand holes. Brown pants with white undershirt.

Fun Facts:

*Upon seeing any form of Asriel, Gaster will become enraged and try to kill them, ignoring anything they say. Goes to show how much of a hell his life is.

*He’s anti-social, since he doesn’t want to get attached to people if they’ll just be taken away so easily, though he is very close with Hate.

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crush:Sans(any sans from AU's)
bio:fell down the underground but had a whistle to call in her pet but she wanted to explore then she met all of the Niceist monsters of all then she fell in love with sans and decide to stay with him

pet profile:
bio:saved by Iris then now a pet of Iris
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Hi am new here, am so happy to find this community, I have a few questions.
1. Can we have as many characters as we like?
2. Can someone tell me what to put on my profile? Plz :3
3. What does sans 95 mean?

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Name: Dreadtor
age: ???
Like: puns spaghetti tacos sushi and bro and frisk And asriel
Hates: chara. Mettaton. Death. Resets. Asgore
Crush: no one
Type of monster: solernoir (only dreadtor and his bro are the only ones of their type)
A monster that appeared out of a portal. Dreadtor has strong powers. Eyes are normally white. Also is in the royal guard
Hp: 12750
Defense: 600/-615
Attack: 600/26

I don't know where to post. Don't remove it please

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Powers:Earth + sky
Bio:She lives in waterfall.ahe loves the temperature there and the water.Cici is a bit socially akward and doesn't really know how to make friends.She usually stays away from people.Horrible sense of fashion

Free to rp!

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Hi I'm new here.
((Art by me))

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can i be my self??
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