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Don't Litter!!
Help the Elderly!!
And everything else is okay!
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Cafe Owner-

Mayor- Me

Store Owner-

Mall Owner-

Pizza Owner-

Factory Owner-

Realtor Owner-

Music Owner- +Panda Hero

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i was goth type of boy driving in my Nissan Skyline GT-R R34,when i kept thinking of +Utenaplays The awsome Neko​ ...cuz she was going on a date...i don't i i go and pick up utena for the date
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Adriana was walking through the rain humming as it started raining a bit she put her umbrella up finally and started walking faster to her job and as she did you were walking on your phone and bumped into her fiercely and as she had almost fallen to the ground bashing her then


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i drove from osaka to yokohama city in my Nissan Skyline GTR R34 and i got a call from +Utenaplays The real​ to go on a date with me after i pick her up on the airport

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Name: Utena Aishi

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 3rd

Species/Race: Demon

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: Artist

Pet(s): Brown dog

Likes: Boys, Her boyfriend, and rain.

Dislikes: Blood.

Personality: Bi-polar disorder

Favorite song: Listen to Road Less Traveled by Lauren Alaina #np on #SoundCloud

Married/Dating/Single: She is dating +Jetstream Sam​​ and she is getting ready to pop the question.

Citizen/Student/Adult/Tourist: Student

Quotes: "Love is like a river, it floods through your veins, its justlike a poison, but wil less pain,"

Extra info: She cant have children because of a cancer she has.

Talents: Drawing

Crush: +Jetstream Sam​​

Friends: Open

Hobbies: None


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Name: Jun Korematsu

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 31

Species/Race: Shapeshifter

Sexuality: Gay

Occupation: Bar

Pet(s): Dog named Midnight and a Cat named Kuro

Likes: Quiet places, Shapeshifting, Daydreaming, Manipulating, Playing with Kuro and Midnight

Dislikes: Untrustworthy people, Bad weather, Conversating

Personality: Stoic, Reserved, Fickle, Peculiar, Bipolar, Sly, Clever BUT he is the exact opposite when he's with someone he likes or loves (sly, clever, and bipolar stay the same, they don't change)

Favorite song: and

Married/Dating/Single: Single (open)

Citizen/Student/Adult/Tourist: Adult

Quotes: Doesn't really talk that much..

Extra info: He can shape into both living and non-living things

Talents: Shapeshifting

Crush: Rin

Friends: Rin

Hobbies: Finding new things to shapeshift into, exploring and playing with his pets
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. . .Yokohama City; 8:10 am. . ."

Kurloz & Gamzee were walking together bored since everyone always stared at them frightened or suspicious as to why monsters were here which bothered us a bit and I laughed as I talked in sign language with Kurloz since he can't and never will talk again and we went somewhere random and sat down and you saw us curious as to what we were and everyone staring at us and our horns and my eye twitched annoyed

As we finished our drinks we decided to go to the Amusement Park since we were bored and Kurloz wanted to go since I was the older brother and I sighed as we started walking out and you followed us to the Amusement park since you wanted to know about us and when you accidently bumped into us Kurloz caught you and Gamzee wandering around. . .YOU THEN


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Dave never showed his eyes to anyone even if they took his glasses off he would close them because he didn't like his eyes at all but the only ones who did were his friends and he changed into his suit for a party since he was the DJ and he walked out and he didn't care much for his shades since nobody ever talked to him and don't get him wrong he is cool but alone and has been for awhile until he met his friends and protected them and he was walking to the party and as he got there you saw him walking in and he noticed you staring. . .YOU THEN


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Name: Sam

Age: 23

Gender: male

Birthday: march 2001

Species/Race: human

Sexuality: Bi

Occupation: helping

Pet(s): Cat

Likes: Racing,fixing cars and stuff

Dislikes: being a loser

Personality: cool

Favorite song:

Married/Dating/Single: Single

Citizen/Student/Adult/Tourist: Adult

Quotes: "hi im sam, im from the Speed Phantom Racer and i open my own garage called Phantom Speed Factory"

Extra info: unknown.

Talents: fixing.

Crush: +Utenaplays The real​

Friends: +Panda Hero​​ and +Utenaplays The real

Hobbies: Racing.

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Akihiro was walking alone in the city with an umbrella in his hand. He stops by a little cafe and walks in. He walks in they tell him there are only tables for two, so he sits at a table for two by himself. You walk in and you decide to sit with him. He watches you as you walk over. You then ask ...
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