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For my Digital Marketing undergraduate program class, I have 17 weeks down and for my #SEO class I have 3 weeks down. My professor has stated on my grading rubric my ability to grasp information and apply it to different situations.
When you're passionate nothing and no-one can attempt to stop you.

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Yesterday in my class at +University of Phoenix‚Äč our professor asked us if it is worth Optimizing for Multiple Search Engines.
A classmate said, "No she doesn't think its worth it to attempt to optimize for ANY search engine other than Google."

According to John Lincoln (2017) stated, "Both the combined strength of Bing and Yahoo dominates 30% of the market share for Search and Paid Search share of the network is expected to continue its trend of upward growth."

I stated in class that Bing is a sleeping agent that will soon catch up to Google.

Lincoln also stated, "There is some difference in demographics of people who Search using Bing/Yahoo compared to those who most often use Google.

I stated in class, No one doubts that Google has the upperhand in SEO but the smart thing to do is to capitalize on Bing and its growth.

What does everyone else think abouttaking the extra effort in Optimizing for Multiole Search Engines?

Below is the picture of my class partipation.

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Hi, All!

I am an undergraduate student at Universtiy fo Phoenix majoring in Digital Marketing. I have social media marketing experience; I just want to add more education and expertise to my portfolio. I graduate in 2018, and I am currently floating my resume to individual companies for entry-level positions. Though, I have been lucky to have a meeting with a General Manager of ValPak which was fantastic.
I write short stories; I enjoy being creative. My tagline is: I understand the Social Media Advertising platform, and I like being creative. I write short stories, and I want to incorporate that in marketing. Every brand, product or service has a short story to tell, why not exploit my talent?

I am eager to connect and learn from professionals in this community! :
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