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,,Show them who you are and what you are capable of."
,,Why should you care if the haters bullie you, you are in a way more special then they ever be."
Name: Skyon Snow
Nickname: Sky
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ultimate/Super Duper Highschool: Singer
Likes: Singing, dancing, having fun, coffee
Dislikes: Rude people, murder
Bio: Unknown
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Name: Luna Fox
Nickname: Luna/Foxy
Age: 16
Speceis: Foxperson
Ultimate: Drawer (Anime and Normal)
Weapon: A scyth
Weakness: Cooking
Family: She comes from a family of Artists, parents and a twin sister
Crush: None
Relationship: None
Skills: Drawing and singing
Pet: A white, fluffy, playfull she-cat
Likes: Drawing, singing, training, spicy and sweet foods
Dislikes: Rude people, sauer foods
Bio: As a kid, she already showed big talents in drawing. Her mother was a singer and her father a piano player. Luna was easy to find, because of her tail and ears. She was homeschooled.

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Sayuri's untimely dimise is eminent XD
My Danganronpa OC being executed. The excecution is titled "Final Performance - Sayuri Sassada's Execution - Executed." In a direct Japanese translation and "Break a leg... and burn one two." In the englishified version XD.

The excecution is inspired by the Hunchback of Notredamn and how in the original story Esmarelda dies. Disney was going to make a Broadway musical with the slightly sadder ending but it didn't make the cut. Still I thought it was fitting for the ultimate actress to go out as one of her favourite roles to play xD

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First male student here!

Basic Info
First Name: Kisū
Last Name: Āto
Age: 15
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 159
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Salty
Hair Style: Overall all his hair is medium length, has a kind of bang hanging in his face which he finds annoying, other details in picture
Eye Color: Both of his eyes are naturally green but he wears a red contact in his left eye
Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: Abstract Artist

Physical Description
On Head: He'll always have some odd marking on his face. Kisū will change the marking about once every week.
On Neck: Nothing
On Torso: He wears a striped green collared shirt and a simple red tie. The sleeves on his shirt are like a t-shirt.
On Right Arm: Wears short black gloves
On Left Arm: (Same as right arm)
On Waist: Wears dorky brown suspenders with yellow on the ends
On Right Leg: Usually wears long red socks, his right sock is striped
On Left Leg: Usually wears long red socks
On Right Foot: Walks around with yellow and white sneakers
On Left Foot: (Same as right foot)
Personality and Actions (How he would show/what he do himself when...)

Basic/Normal/Standard: Pretty quiet and most comfortable when doing his own thing. Kisū will occasionally hang out with the others and spends the rest in his room working on various pieces of art. He can find inspiration in pretty much everything and everyone and keeps a camera with him to document it.
Seeing Murder: If Kisū witnessed a murder he will try his best to be a reliable source for the group. However he usually can't put details into the right word so he will only give a summary of what he saw.
Seeing Crush: He will make any excuse to leave the the room asap.
When Tired: This doesn't happen often but if he is tired he will take a nap in his room or ask whoever is with him to go to his room.
When Stressed: If he feels pressured or stressed at any time he will spend all of his time alone and paint. Painting and other forms of art will make him tend to forget about everything happening.
When Nervous: (Same as when stressed)
When Afraid: If Kisū feels particularly threatened by someone or something he tries to act like nothing is wrong but mentally becomes more alert with his surroundings. After a few day this will wear off if nothing happens.

Where can a person find him hanging out usually? As mentioned in his standard personality he will spend some of his time hanging out with the others and the rest in his room.

Loves: Critique, The night sky
Likes: Things he can relate to, Looking unique, making diagrams
Indifferent: Public speaking
Dislikes: Showing his ideas to other people
Hate: Running out of camera film

Pet Peeves: People who read out loud when typing or writing a letter, People asking stupid questions
Fears: Being targeted (This is danganronpa we're talking about-), closed spaces
Murder Very unlikely If he did for some reason he would most likely use a trap so the victim would ultimately die without him being there. Alibis are key.
Being Killed Available Privately send me the details and I'll try to work it out with you.


Execution: I literally have no idea with this one- Would like a bit of help here


Bad Habits: He will scratch his head and stare off into space frequently and for no reason.
Talking Tics: His voice hasn't been introduced to puberty yet-
Unconscious Habits: He will massage his hands when he is unsure of something and will touch the back of his neck each time he remembers anything violent.

Is this community still alive? I'd like to make sure before posting anything-

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"Not bringing Despair to the world is like totally uncool, Don't you agree?"

~Name: Junko Enoshima
~Ultimate Fashionista
~Ultimate Mastermind (Nobody know hehe)

~likes: Despair, fashion, clothes, seeing other people in despair

~Dislikes: One word hope its like totally uncool  

Bio: winks cant tell that would very hopeful

Cant wait to have fun with my new des- I mean friends and show them the world of hope. opps did I say too much ?? because that would be very uncool laughs lightly

Sayuri stood outside the gates of Hope's Peak Academy. Her brown hair was tied into two pig tails and she wore a white shirt with a red bow, a pink blazer, a matching pink skirt, white stockings and black shoes. Behind her stood her agent and her aunt. The two were her guardians after the accident and luckily enough were engaged. Hope's Peak was meant to be her distraction from the accident. After skipping two grades, it felt right for her to go to this high school as the country's best young actress. She sighed and ran to hug her aunt and agent once more before grabbing her small case and entering the gates. As soon as she entered, however, Sayuri felt weezy. Her vision blured and the last thing she saw was a red light.

Sayuri woke up in a classroom, her head heavy on the desk.


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Name: Victory 'Pegadin' Scroll

Age: 14 and kicking ass

Personality: Kind of intimidating at first sight, but really fun once you get to know her. Looks and acts emotionless and blunt until she gets hyper when fangirling, and her snarky wit, when delivered right, can always put someone in their place. Keeps to herself a lot and is usually vague about her actions. Victory loosens up around her friends, who gave her the nickname 'Pega' from her stage name, and sometimes isn't sure what to do when her friends are down, as she never had that much experience with friendship before.

Specialty: Super High School Level Fangirl. Victory originally enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy as a Super High Level Voice Actress, but the school board gave her her fangirl title after seeing her ability to get hyper over things she got obsessed with, and now she fully embraces the title.

Weakness: Worried that she'll get embarassed, which she had plenty of experience with, and is also the main reason she's so emotionless and wrapped up in her cocoon. Victory also doesn't like that she seemingly messes up almost anything she tries to do, and when she does, her cold demeanor strengthens by a million.

Likes: Her awesome friends, who she can be herself with, FOOD, finding fandom treasures like exquisite fanart, writing fanfics, and basically being a walking, talking version of a multi-fandom Wiki.

Dislikes:People who bother her constantly (spammers are the worst!) and can't seem to mind their own business, people telling her to smile, and being humiliated.

Crush: Personally, Victory thinks ain't nobody got time for that, but who knows?

Bio: Victory had a tendency of mucking up her life before she discovered two bright spots in it; voice acting and fangirling. She threw herself into her passions, and, with encouragement from her sister, entered the entertainment industry, where she caught the attention of Hope's Peak Academy. The school invited her to study there, in which she agreed, and left for the academy after she had bid goodbye to her family. Victory vaguely remembered stepping through the school gates before everything went dark.

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Name: Kyouko Sazumiya
Specialty: Super Duper High School Yandere
Crush: Arie Sidhumiyo
Disadvantage: Her love for Arie
Likes: Stalking Arie, being around Arie, murdering anyone who flirts with Arie, making friends
Dislikes: Other people dating Arie, arrogance, being wrong
S/O: Straight
Blood Type: AB Negative
Backstory: Kyouko's life had been pretty dull up until 6th grade when she had met a boy. He was Indian, and his full name was often pronounced wrong, so she had nicknamed him Arie. She first found him annoying, but later nestled his way into her heart. Eventually she was head over heels for him. Although, she was bullied by most of her class, and Arie and her had stopped talking. In middle school, Arie had found a new group of friends and Kyouko had been too scared to come up to him. She found out he started to take a liking to a girl named Bella. Kyouko snapped, found out where Bella lived, and used a knife with different fingerprints to keep the blame from herself, and killed Bella. Arie had stayed away for a few days to process Bella's death. When he came back, Kyouko had a chance to comfort him, reigniting their friendship However, the staff at Hope's Peak Academy had found the truth, recognized Kyouko's talents in love and killing, and recruited her. She was first reluctant, but as soon as she had heard a rumor that Arie may be attending, she jumped at the chance to attend Hope's Peak Academy. However, the last thing she remembered was entering the school gates before everything went black...
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