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World Wisdom

"To attain enlightenment you have to see your nature. unless you see your nature, all this talk about cause and effect is nonsense. Buddhas don't practice nonsense. A Buddha is free of karma, free of cause and effect. to say he attains anything at all is to slander a Buddha.  What could he possibly attain? Even focusing on a mind, a power, an understanding or a view is impossible for a Buddha.  A Buddha isn't one-sided. The nature of his No-Mind is basically empty, neither pure nor impure. He's free of practice and realization. He's free of cause and effect. A Buddha doesn't observe precepts.  A Buddha doesn't do good or evil.  A Buddha isn't energetic or lazy.  A Buddha is someone who does nothing, someone who can't even focus his mind on a Buddha."
~ Bodhidharma
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“Living in the present is the instant perception of beauty and the great delight in it without seeking pleasure from it.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti


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soulic melodies...©

there is a place deep within
far from prying eyes
it is the Spiritual Heart
where soulic melodies play
day and night
night and day

when you hear
transported you will be
to places heavenly

only rare is this given
only to those who have worked
establishing themselves in Soul Consciousness
initiated into and above Soul Realm

the keys to Travel
given constantly
you have to have ears to hear
knowing to recognize
eyes to see...

if not in this lifetime
in another maybe
you will access
how glorious that will be...

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Melodies d'aile ... ©

Il y a une place au fond
Loin des regards indiscrets
C'est le coeur spirituel
Où mélangées soulic jouent
jour et nuit
nuit et jour

Lorsque vous entendez
Transporté vous sera
À des endroits paradisiaques

Rien n'est rare
Seulement à ceux qui ont travaillé
S'établir dans la conscience de l'âme
Initié dans et au-dessus de Soul Realm

Les clés de voyage
Donné constamment
Vous devez entendre les oreilles
Savoir reconnaître
Les yeux à voir ...

Sinon dans cette vie
Dans un autre peut-être
Vous accédez
Quelle glorieuse sera ...
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