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Just a reminder that this is our old G+ community. Our currently active one is 3RD Rock Grid Foundation and Community

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Just for information Hurricane Matthew is due to hit Florida shortly and this is where our data centre is located. We do not know if we will be affected. Here is an article about it from Yahoo

The professor is in! DJ Icantexp Lane is spinning the tunes at ROBs tonight! Here's your limo: hop://

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please post to our new page. or nobody will get your messages as this is no more

3rd Rock Grid will be back up between 6 - 9 grid time today
I will let you know when its ready


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This is our new page where we will be offering more that just events but discussion about what's happening in 3RG and you can post about what you are doing as a 3Rg Citizen. I hope you find it useful and more informative 

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We have moved to a new Community and Foundation page 

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This is a page for 3RD Rock Residents to share information. No spam please. I have made this a public page so that you can enjoy seeing what's happening in 3RD Rock Grid and Foundation. 

3rd Rock Grid Events-Sat/March 19, 2016 *PST
8:00am Raktajino Hour-Starfleet Astraios
> Astraios
9:00am Classic Rock DJ gig at 'Roll Over Beethoven' ROB's Rock Island(192, 230, 32)
> Rock Island
11:00am The Fabulous Wailers Robs Rock Island ,Robs one world (87, 40, 64)
1:00pm Community Gathering-Nadah(188,236,25)
Add your own event, help create things to do!!
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