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"Colors are the smiles of nature." ~ Leigh Hunt

"The mind wears the colors of the soul, as a valet those of his master." ~ Sophie Swetchine

"Colours are brighter when the mind is open."~Adriana Alarcon

"The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself." ~ Peter Jackson

"A film is a petrified fountain of thought." ~ Jean Cocteau

Name: Paige Solomon

green / film-making / unknown

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weapons: Katana, Battle-Axe, Enhanced Speed and Agility

Personality: Friendly, Curious, Adventurous, Hard-Working, Creative, A Dreamer, Loyal

Special Abilities:  

Film Reel: _Paige can use her camera to trap an object or a person.  However, the stronger the power of the object/person, the more concentration needed to use the skill.  Also, the longer the span of time the object or person is trapped in, the harder it is to contain them.  Afterwards, the user can pull the objects/person out of the film reel.  The subject will feel as though no time has passed, but can be released from the film reel if the film reel he/she/it is trapped in is destroyed. The type of film reels Paige uses can only contain up to four objects, or a maximum of two people.  Storing things above the maximum capacity can make the film reel burst and self-destruct, releasing everything inside.  Objects can be stored indefinitely, as they are inanimate, but living things move around inside the reel too much for Paige to concentrate on keeping them inside for more than a day.  People stronger than her are too powerful for Paige, and often times, it is harder to keep them trapped inside for more than an hour. _

CGI: Paige can manipulate her environment, similar to how an editor adds special effects and changes a movie.  She can however, only destroy nonliving objects and move things around.  It takes a great amount of concentration to destroy things, and using this skill for a long period of time makes the user light-headed and dizzy, sometimes rendering them unconscious or comatose for a while.

3-D Glαѕѕєѕ: Paige uses her camera to create holograms and illusions.  She prefers to do this with videos captured in her camera.  She can, with great concentration, create the images of something not filmed by her camera, but it is often risky and rarely comes out as intended.  Her illusions are translucent, so she and others can see through them.  As they are only holograms and illusions, they cannot replace or act as real things, and solid objects pass through them.

Bio: As a child, Paige grew up in an area where Blankenings occurred often.  She was given a toy camera at a young age meant to amuse her and distract her from the horrors outside her front door.  Instead, Paige used that camera to document and study the life and symptoms of the Blanken in her neighborhood.  Paige became fascinated by the abilities of the Virtuosos, who often visited her city to cure Blankens.

When she was 8, she became a Blanken.  She was blank and dull until a Virtuoso saved her.  Afterwards, she discovered her ability to manifest the power of the color, Green.  Her parents sent her away to Virtuosity as soon as they discovered her newfound color.  They, themselves were left behind in a city ravaged by the sickness of Blanken.  When Paige arrived at Virtuosity, she vowed to study hard, in order to learn to stop Blankenings permanently.  She had seen enough of the dull colorless world, and wanted to share what she could do with others.  And the only way she could think of doing that was to spread the word of what Blankens were truly like using films to show the dark, cold, and bitter truth.

Nowadays, Paige takes her camera everywhere, always filming.  She is still working on her documentary on the Blanken, trying to find a way to stop it forever.  She wonders how her family is doing, and is still haunted by the memories of a colorless dreary world.  But if there is one thing Paige has learned, its that, sometimes, the strongest rays of light shine through only in the darkest of nights.

~ Paige has short attention spans, and is distracted very easily.  Most of her special abilities, however, require a great amount of concentration, creating quite a dilenma.

~ Since Paige has lived in a Blanken-stricken area and has gone through a Blankening herself, she often strongly relates to Blankens, and is familiar with the situation, more than most Virtuoso, in fact.

~ Paige values loyalty above all else.  She will do anything for her friends and family.
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what happens in the basement?

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"Am I the only one who specializes in magic here?!"

Jaze Breton

Red | Magic Tricks (Mostly Cards) | Attacker

Age: "I'm currently fourteen, for your information."
Gender: "Do you not have eyes? I am clearly female male!"
Weapons: "Do my 5 standard decks of playing cards count?"
Special Abilities:
- House of Cards :
"Well, to be honest, this is my favourite move~"
Five of Jaze's cards increase in size (when I say increase, I mean they grow as tall as a one-story building, and enclose the opponent into a confined space. The walls are relatively strong, but stronger opponents can break through. Nevertheless, Jaze had successfully used this techniques to capture and confine many criminals.

- Fire Blades :
The edges of Jaze's cards become as sharp as a razor, and once thrown and hit someone, the cards begin to ignite and burn, hence the name, "Fire Blades". Jaze keeps one deck sharp at all times just in case.

- Joker's Scythe :
The two Jokers in one deck come to life and are equipped with fiery scythes. Jaze can control them in any way he wants! However, this requires intense concentrations, and Jaze can currently only summon them for a period of five minutes. Also, if something happens to his real life body, the technique will "shut down", and the Jokers will return as cards.

Personality: "W-well, I'm not really sure how to describe myself... I guess I'm... awkward? Yeah, that's probably the best choice. I guess I'm a bit quiet too.
Bio: Coming Soon


Name: Kimiko Isadora 

Age: 14
“I have been alive to this point, for about fourteen years.”

Gender: Female
“I am a female, I am definitely not male.” 

Art form: Dancing- interpretive. Medium: Self((That counts as art right? Like, I totally want to use a character who uses dancing as their art form.))  
“I am very much a fan of arts, with considerable devotion towards reading and writing. But I truly love using my body as art, so I would consider dancing as my main form of art.” 

Inner Color: Dark purple
“Purple is a great color. It has so many emotional facets, and so many beautiful things it can implement and be. It is a color rarely seen in nature, so many people consider it artificial, and its beauty is above the level of the conventional natural colors.”

Special abilities: 
Void entrance: 
“I can create a small, immovable circle in the air. This can be used in conjunction with “Void exit”, which allows me or anything else to send itself through the small, void portal. Despite the name, you can enter or exit through either side of the two void circles. 

They can be made after a few seconds of concentration, forming them and moving them within sight. These can be used defensively as well, to prevent strikes. They are also able to be offensively used with the wires, sending them through the portals. They can potentially be used in intricate combinations of movement and utilization of the portals.”

Magnetic void: 
“I am able to utilize my ability to cause slight bends in the polarity of the air, utilizing it to manipulate metal to a slight extent, which is especially useful for the wires, my form of combat.” 

“I generally do not use most conventional weapons. I have created my own style of fighting. I use wires, with metal lined along them, with small razor blades. The wires are very capable of cutting and slicing, and are extremely dangerous. 

I utilize the wires and my own fighting style, with my inner color implemented. 

My personal fighting style is more of dancing, rather than any existing fighting style, It involves many quick snaps and turns that can send the wires quickly, with considerable force. The fighting style is particularly useless without the wires, however.” 

“I could be considered a very quiet, calm person. I generally do not have very expressive or direct emotions, leaving myself very quiet and analytical. I decide not to associate myself with people, in general. I am not averse to having a small group of a few friends, but I am generally very timid. I am unlikely to go out of my way to interact with others, preferring to just read or write, without anyone else really observing me. 

Despite my love for dancing… I do not dance in front of people. I do not perform in front of people, and I generally shy away from people, trying to escape them or just leave them. if someone tries to really speak to me… I usually end up stuttering to some extent. And I blush easily. Quite easily.” 

“I have lived, like I said earlier, I have been alive for fourteen years. I was born in a small city in canvas, that was in danger of the blankening. My sister and I barricaded ourselves in the basement, hoping to wait until virtuosos to show up, and help the town. We had plenty of food, and books and whatnot in the hiding place, capable of survival for multiple months. It lasted longer than expected, and two months had passed in our bunker. When the virtuosos had came, the above city was completely without color, and many people were blanked. The virtuosos were chasing one of the people blanking everyone, with his white inner color. He had been chased downwards, retreating into a basement. Unbeknownst to him, my sister and I were hiding there. He quickly blankened my sister, and was about to do the same to me, before I was saved by a group of virtuoso. I…. never was able to find any of my friends or family afterwards, completely gone from the city. I, without anywhere to go, was brought to the academy. I have lived at the academy since I was nine, and I have been practicing my abilities to dance and write.  
“I am short, at the height of 5’2. I weigh very little, and I have a relatively small frame. I have horrible eyesight, and I remedy this with my wide blue glasses. I wear, generally, short skirts and T-shirts with various designs and jokes relating to my interests. Often, however, I wear hoodies over said T-shirts.” 

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"lσckєd iи тнє bαรємєит fσя α ρєяiσd σf тняєє yєαяร... รтυck wiтн α мєяє รυρρσятєя... υgнн... รтυck iи α รcнσσl wiтн тняєє wєαk viятυσรσร... i cαииσт єxρlαiи мy diรgυรт iи wσяdร."

Jacob Dark
Pitch-Black | Martial Artist (Mixed/All) | Attacker

Age: 13
"Spending 3 years in a locked basement, while deemed a threat... Certainly not my type of fun."

Gender: Male, of course.
"Are you blind? If not, there is no need to ask me this question."

Weapons: "I have no need for a weapon. I myself am a weapon."

Special Abilities: "Ah, now this is my specialty."

1# ShadowTravel
This ability allows Jacob to hide and travel within shadows, which allows himself to be almost invisible and undetectable. When he activates this power, it looks like Jacob is melting into the floor, while he is actually entering an object's shadow. However, he cannot travel extremely long distances in a few minutes. He is currently able to travel 12 miles per hour, but is unable to ShadowTravel in places without shadows. He can activate this power by forcefully striking the ground.

2# ShadowManifest
This ability allows Jacob to mold shadows into anything he wants, be it minions, weapons, animals, etc. These molded shadows can do real damage and are under control of Jacob. The molded shadows can also protect him from damage, but their skills are affected by his current physical state. (ex. If he is greatly injured, the shadows may appear half finished, or deformed.). He can also use these shadows to increase and enhance his skills (speed, strength, etc.) and senses. However, these shadows do not last forever. The shadows feed off of his energy and this power usually stays active until after 2 to 3 hours. He is usually unable to use The Erasing after ShadowManifest. Also, he is only able to use the shadows at hand (ex. Room: Pencil shadow, desk shadow, etc.). He can activate this ability by kicking or punching the air, and the shadows leave the ground and gather around his foot or hand/fist.

3# The Erasing
This is the most dangerous ability of Jacob. Using this ability requires a large amount of energy, enough to make you pass out, but does not affect its danger. The Erasing, when activated, releases a large black aura and requires three steps:
- Rock: With a single punch, from the martial art of Kyokushin Karate, black tendrils come from his aura and grabs hold of the opponent and partially paralyzes him or her.

-Charge: He crouches and puts his hands at his sides. The tendrils slowly seep the colour from the opponent.

-Erase: He spreads his hands like a "kamehameha" and the tendrils quickly seep up all the colour of the opponent. They disappear once the opponent is all white.

Once one of these steps are broken, Jacob has to start over.

These abilities spend a lot of his energy, and after three years of being stuck in a basement, he has little stamina.
He usually uses martial arts instead.
-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
-Tae Kwon Do
-Krav Maga
-Kyokushin Karate
-Jeet Kune Do

Personality: Unexpectedly logical. You might think that he is psychotic, or even crazy, but is actually incredibly intelligent. He is, quite obviously, evil, but that might change if he has some love in his life.

Jacob was an Irregular.
Not only did he have an Inner Colour, his Inner Colour was...

Black. Pitch-Black, to be accurate.

Once his parents discovered his Inner Colour, they were understandably horrified. Nevertheless, he was loved, and his Inner Colour was kept secret.

From a young age, Jacob had an interest and a talent for martial arts. He did all of them most of them, and excelled in all the ones he learned. He didn't go to school; he was homeschooled. He didn't have to worry about being less smart than those who went to school - his mother was a highschool teacher.

Everything went well and all "happily ever after"-ish until his tenth birthday. By this time, everybody who knew him and his parents were wondering why, since Jacob was such a talented martial artist, Jacob didn't know his own Inner Colour. On his tenth birthday party, his Kyokushin Karate sensei gave him a book, called Triggering Your Inner Colour Special Abilities, and he and his friends wanted to try revealing his Inner Colour.

He didn't know his Inner Colour, only his parents did.

He and his friends looked through a book full of Kyokushin Karate techniques, and they found a technique similar to a "kamehameha". Jacob followed the instructions of the book he was given, and he performed the techniques I'm his room in front of all his friends.

Disaster ensued.

Long, black tendrils arose from shadows in the room and throughout the house and grabbed his friends, parents, and friends' parents. The tendrils slowly seeped the colour out of them, and they were screaming while Jacob silently watched it all in horror. The police, having heard the large noise, came to check it out. Once they opened the door, he ran outside, crying silently and running like a drunk man.

He was known as the initiator of Littleton's (his hometown) first Blanken epidemic.

He was later caught by two young men and one young women, as he would later learn, who were the Virtuosos. They soon rushed him to the academy, where Jacob thought that he would be rescued and taken care of.

Unfortunately, not.

He was locked in the basement with another person with an ability similar to his, except the other person's Inner Colour was white, although they usually ignored each other.

Seething with anger and filled with grief, Jacob began to train his powers and his triggers, but his stamina shot down after the three years in the basement.

But there is currently no way to escape.

Kai Ryūketsu has the basement currently on lockdown, his computer skills on par with the CIA.
Jayse is quite stronger than Jacob, and probably can still kill Jacob.
Lacy... Well, she just has pity and sympathy on Jacob, but Jacob refuses to "fall for her trick".

He will continue to sit there and wait.


And wait.
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✧・゚: * ✧・゚: * ❝wнen yoυ've вeen locĸed ιn тнe вaѕeмenт ғor тwo-ғιғтнѕ oғ a decade, yoυ нave every eхcυѕe ιn тнe world тo вe an a$$нole.❞ * :・゚✧ * :・゚✧

Cedric Sagramore
wнιтe | мυѕιcιan (pιano) coмpoѕer (lapтop) | [ѕυpporтer]

"...Some call me 'Ced.'  I honestly don't care how you choose to refer to me, though, if you really are too lazy to pronounce that one extra syllable."

“Er… I think I’m 15? Kinda hard to tell at this point.”

”Male. That, at least, I can say with certainty.”

”...Really? I’m locked in a basement. Do you honestly think anyone would be stupid enough to let me get my hands on a weapon?! ...Well, I guess you could say my laptop is one… but not in the general sense of the word ‘weapon’. I mean, I’m not going to go bash someone’s head in with my Dell.”

//ˢᵖᵉᶜᶤᵃˡ ᵃᵇᶤˡᶤᵗᶤᵉˢ:
① Blanken
Ah, the notorious “Blanken.” As one should already know, Blanken is the erasure of all colour from an area or person. What is not common knowledge is how it occurs. Blanken is a characteristic ability of those with a grey-scaled inner colour (i.e., black, grey, or white), and not necessarily malicious- Though the side effects are nasty, it’s really a second chance, a “renewal,” if you will. However, it’s no longer realized to be beneficial, and thus those possessing it are distrusted and persecuted.

② White Noise/White MIDI
The fuzz between the radio stations, the “bzzt” of hollow sound. This is white noise, normally no more than an annoyance to most. However, by composing a “white MIDI” song (the colours of Cedric’s computer are inverted, and so what would be “black MIDI” is on his screen white), Cedric is able to create a fizzing sort of disturbance in the air, which disrupts the actions of those around him as long as the song continues. A massive white MIDI song, though, cannot be whipped up at a moment’s notice, and there’s no way Ced’s computer would have enough memory to store it for later; thus, the song usually only continues for up to fifteen seconds.

③ White Light/Snow Prism
White light isn’t really without colour; in fact, it’s the exact opposite. A blend of all of the colours of the visible spectrum, by separating it out through the use of a prism, one can create their own personal rainbow. Cedric is able to summon such a prism, and quite a large one at that; about 1 ⅕ of a meter across, it hovers in the air, drifting into wherever there is enough light to sustain it. It should also be noted that white is a colour that can mix with anything. By summoning his giant prism and splitting white light, Cedric can enhance the power of any other members in his party. Oops, he doesn’t have one of those. But if he did, he could do that. Mostly he just summons his prism when he’s bored, though, and watches it drift aimlessluy. Obviously, this ability requires the presence of light, and its strength is determined by the strength and source of the light; pure sunlight on a clear day is best, but moonlight, LED, and even compact fluorescent bulbs serve as suitable substitutes.

Cool and analytical, Cedric tends to be a bit brusque when conversing with others. He’s well-versed in sarcasm, and doesn’t particularly care whether he offends anyone or not; why would he? Quite honestly, he’s bitter, and definitely irritated by his circumstances (to say the very least). Cedric is extremely intelligent, and knows pretty much everything there is about music theory, as well as all of the math, science, history, and literature he’s able to absorb from off of the internet (his geography, however, is understandably dreadful). Generally, he’s short and rude with people, but he can carry an… interesting discussion at the very least. Even four years ago Cedric had a highly developed lexicon, and he frequently uses technical terms with little regard as to whether or not anyone will understand him. Very observant and sharp, Cedric mentally files away any information given to him, and thus knows pretty much everything about Virtuosity’s inner workings.

✧・゚:*✧・゚: тнe laѕт вlanĸenιng waѕ ғιve yearѕ ago.
and ғoυr yearѕ ago, vιrтυoѕιтy waѕ ғoυnded. :・゚✧:・゚✧

The time of the Blankenings was chaos for everyone; without colour in the world, those afflicted with Blanken ran rampant, and nowhere was safe. It was not a good time to be growing up… especially when one’s own parents had been Blankened. Before being rescued by the recolouring, Cedric’s childhood was a living hell. He didn’t know what was going on; all he understood was that his parents were completely insane. They beat him, verbally abused him, ridiculed him, even tried to kill him on rare occasions. Somehow, Cedric himself wasn’t infected with Blanken, but his home life might have driven him off the deep end… the details are irrelevant, but the message is clear enough. During this dark time (or is it “white”?), Cedric’s only solace was his piano, a skill he honed whenever he could. A prodigy, he could play Franz Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B minor, S. 178 (1854) [] all the way through by age eight, and greatly enjoyed doing so. He did well in all of his subjects, but mostly in music; it was his escape from reality, his release from the harshness of his life. Back then, Cedric was innocent but tormented. He lacked the strength to more than endure the Blank, but had the naivity to believe it would all get better some day. And to an extent, it did. Just not especially in his case.

When the Virtuoso arrived and saved Cedric from his family and the Blankening, he was thrilled, and probably would have glomped his rescuers if not for his quiet and removed nature. To show his gratitude toward the three brave Virtuoso that had rescued him, the young Cedric composed and performed a piece just for them… and revealed his talent as a pianist. Knowing that Cedric had the skill to be a Virtuoso like themselves, the three left, only to return a year later with a proposition: “Would you like to discover your inner colour?” Cedric, being the awestruck child that he was, immediately said yes.

Life as the very first student at Virtuosity was pretty good… for a time. Cedric was learning more than ever before, without the dread of returning home to Blanken-crazed parents. He made a few friends, increased his skill in piano, and even was able to perfect the few bits of music theory that he didn’t quite get (for the longest time he had no idea what the difference between a major and a minor chord was). Cedric was happy, an emotion that was new to him. Sure, he’d been able to feign it for his friends at school before, but never had he really been content… But nothing lasts forever, and in the case of Cedric Sagramore, happiness is always short-lived. The end of that brief reprieve came with the discovery of Cedric’s inner colour...

The colour of Blank, the colour of nil. Nothing good is seen in having white as an inner colour, and nothing good has come of it for Cedric. Ever since the last Blankening, those with the ability “Blanken” (the inner colours of white, grey, silver, and black) were seen as a threat, and either killed or locked away due to their potential to blanken the world again. Cedric, once he was found out, was no exception. In fact, the only reason he’s still alive is that Lacy, one of the current head mavens, was unwilling to let him die. As such, for the past four years, he’s inhabited the basement, sulking with his laptop on the school’s restricted wifi. Unfortunately for Cedric, Kai is smarter than him, and was able to construct a firewall that he couldn’t break through or skirt around… so there’s no way he can message anyone for help. As such, all he can do is angrily look at educational websites and try not to let his brain melt away from disuse.

Since Cedric hasn’t had access to a piano in four years, it’s likely he’s lost most of his original skill with the instrument. However, he’s managed to download some composition software, and developed skill in that area to compensate for the loss of his passion. Cedric still mourns his pianist ability, but does like writing music using various programs.

~As mentioned earlier, the colours of the display of Cedric’s laptop are inverted; that is, things that are meant to be black are white, things that are meant to be white are black, etc. He did this out of spite, for since the colours are what caused his predicament, twisting them makes him feel marginally better.
~Though he isn’t aware of it, Cedric is actually the cause of the Blankening of his parents. When he was younger, his Blanken ability would leap out of control, but was attributed to the great Blankening that was going on at the time.
~Cedric enjoys spicy food, but only a sweet-spicy, like that of cinnamon and ginger. He cannot stand tabasco sauce. He also despises doritos.
~Cedric has a bit of an obsession with fractions due to his composing, and thus prefers to express numbers as such (e.g. “two-fifths of a decade” instead of “four years”).
~Since Cedric has much better things to do than name his abilities, he often alternates between the terms he’s loosely assigned them, with the exception of Blanken.

Having spent the last four years locked underneath Virtuosity, Cedric hasn’t gotten much sunlight, and his naturally fair skin and hair have been bleached incredibly pale, with his hair now a snowy white. His eyes are a dark silvery-grey with a deceptively dull cast, but beneath the lackluster appearance the gears are whirring rapidly. Cedric is very myopic, or nearsighted, and thus wears a pair of rectangular glasses with somewhat thick lenses. Luckily, during the past four years his prescription hasn’t changed drastically, but he could definitely use a new pair. Not particularly tall but not short for his age, Cedric stands at 5’ 8”, a height seemingly enhanced by his lanky physique. He does get fed decently, since Lacy is a good human, but doesn’t have a particularly large appetite, and so is quite light.

Are martial artists allowed.?

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Will save this world and bring back its color!

Class Not developed yet

Skill "Pen Ink and Pencil" Writer

color Blood red

Name Eve Shakamora Gasai Komeada

Age 17

Gender Female

Special abilities Shape shift , Healing magic and Making potions

Appearance Eve is a Very unsocial girl she likes people but doesn't know how to interact with them. So she is very unsociable she also has a thirst in knowledge, And she would also rather listen to music and study than be social.

Extras Eve Has black hair ((to match her color)) and red eyes. But her Eye color changes when she feels a emotion. She loves to where black all the time no bright colors they hurt her Eyes.

Bio She was abandoned when she was born, By her parents. So she lived alone in the woods she learned all these spells, Learned that she was very good at making potions. By the time she was 13 she was ruler of all forest. But she got tired of it and began to roam the city till people started telling her to go to this academy somewhere. And now she's ended up here.
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WIP ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

|| Sky Blue || Sculptor: Wire || Class  


Νame: Lyraestas Avantheims (Lie-rah-es-tahs Ave-an-th-I-ms)

"There's no need to bother with all those letters though.You can really just call me Lyra. It's much simpler and prettier, Don't you think so?"

αge: 17
Ꮹender: Female
ωeapon(s): Her arsenal of weapons includes whatever she has on hand, that is then used in the most useless way possible. (Ex. Splash with paint). She is not any good, and her abilities are not exactly combative. If she were to constantly use her birds, she would in fact be rendered either in bed rest, or in a wheel chair. With little to no stamina, as well as abilities that simply don't apply well in combat, she prefers to not fight at all, and instead support a stronger fighter.
Ꭶpecial Abilities: 
                   *Birds of Silver:* A single special ability. Using an extremely long strand of wire, and with a wave, she can transform the silvery strand into a fluttering bird of an intricate webbing of wire. It's function is specified during it's formation, and it exists only to preform this function before disappearing. Said bird will have different appearances for different matters. (Ex. Eagle for Attacking, Falcon for Locating, Albatross for Painting the Sky, Doves for Healing etc.) Lyra is capable of keeping up multiple birds, as it is the initial creation that drains her. Afterwards, the birds have taken the energy they need to preform their task and do so efficiently. 

ρersonality: Lyra is a kind, sweet girl, who also comes off a bit spoiled. "You mean everyone doesn't have this?!" <Not done>
αppearance: Lyra is considered very beautiful, if not traditionally. Giving off an air of lace, delicacy, and daintiness, she constantly has male members of the race staring after her, even if its only because she constantly finds herself tripping on her self. Blessed with long, model like legs, she also seems to be taller than most of her peers, another few inches added with heels. Her long silvery hair and red eyes however, can come across unnerving, or even devious and disturbing at times.
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