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Please help me
Hi peoples. I need your answers on this one to help me. Okay, this boy in school likes me. And I THINK he might be trying to get me jealous by saying these three things 1) he said he had a online girlfriend 2) he said he liked my friend Ericka and he don't even know her 3) then he says he has a gf named Abby. Please help me. My friend Katelyn wondering why he keeps bringing up girls. When I'm in a room. Everybody knows he likes me. They like to tease him. But he keeps saying that he has more than one girlfriend what I mean by that I mean what I said about him liking my friend and all that bull

So... Who ever bes nice and helpful to me. Please help me. I just need some answer for my friend Katelyn. She's wondering why he keeps saying that. To me he's trying to get me jealous.

Whoever is reading this please help me and Katelyn.

What do you think is going on and why?

I need answers from people who know. Cause me and Katelyn are confused!!!
Sorry if I bugged anyone. Please comment and tell what do you think is going on and why. Me and my friend Katelyn need help!!

My life is ruind i went out with someone i didnt loved then ones thing you know i started loving him then he left and broke my Hart now i like Antón dy. And that guys name is chandel never knew his last name.

I am so happy me and bodhi are back together....I just hope shes happy

Don't worry.... After a storm comes a rainbow!

Why does it always happen to me? Leave me alone please!! I need someone to talk to.... Friend..? No one understands me.......!!???!!?? Why am I feeling lonely among all these people around?

When will this end?

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i miss u i hate u
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