Hi, I love this app. But it breaks my smart lock such that I have to use a fingerprint even at home. Without the app installed, smart lock works as intended. Is there anything I can do to get that functionality back? Don't want to have to delete your app but it's driving me crazy!

Occasionally when tapping outside notifications on lock screen to hide them, I have to do it twice. First time they disappear only briefly. Second time it works as expected. Using beta version on Lollipop.


Not sure when exactly this started happening but noticed that lately, when I open an App from the lock screen notification, the notification is not cleared and comes back as a Heads Up once the app is launched.

All setting seems to be fine as the notification clears when the Heads Up is dismissed.

Can't reply whatsapp messages from the notification. It shows the quick reply box and I can write the message and tap send, but it doesn't send anything.
That only happens with whatsapp.

I use nine as email app, with multiple accounts. I selected separate notifications to show all email messages separated. When I dismiss one email, all emails from that account are also dismissed.

Ottima applicazione, ma non arrivano le notifiche di facebbok??? Come posso risolvere il problema?

If you press a "message on lockscreen" (NiLS on C-Locker) and came back to lockscreen while leaving the app", all the rest of messages "are gone".
Power off and on brings them back.
I would appreciate, if the "rest of the messages" will stay!

With last updates in whatsapp, whenever it arrives a new message and the conversion already exists, the notification doesn't move to the top of the list, it keeps where the first message arrived, talking about timeline.
Could it be fix?
Also, first message in a group conversation doesn't show sender name, only when it's expanded.
Thank you.

I have lost my license.. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled.. Still being restricted... Please take a look
Thank you

Hi Nils, since the most recent app update, I am sometimes getting duplicate messages on my whatsapp group chats again.

Also, in the past, when I get group whatsapp messages, the notification the name of the group chat and the person that sent it. Now in the latest version, I just get the group name twice. For e.g in the group chat called "Soccer", I'll get:

Soccer Soccer: "message"

Anything I can do?
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