Yay a small RP where I can share my stuff without being copied xD

OC: Takara (means treasure ;))

Age: 17

Birthday: January 1

Occupation: GOD (guardians of demons) council member elder

Power: Can sense and read auras, sword hilt that has multiple blades I can switch into, turn into nothing

Personality: friendly, doesn't talk unless nessasary, keeps identity secret unless emergency, not scared of anything, impatient, often bored

dad: GOD leader, inventor of the sword blade changing ability, only members of family can use it

Mom: normal human, can sense auras

Weakness: impatient, laziness

Special abilities: super speed, can fly with wings, senses auras (shows feelings and power, sword version 1 2 3 4 and 5.

Appearance: my profile picture

Blade versions:
1: simple, short, wide blade
2: longer than version 1, thin in the base with a triangular spearhead like piece on the tip
3: a clawlike device with a purple handle and two parallel blades that curve towards each other
4: a trident-like device that can stab, and shoot out and act as a graple
5: a glowing blade that is long but simple and thinner than version 1 but slightly wider than version 2's base

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Hello :D im neww here!!!!
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Start out with a Miku :3
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