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hello all 

\(^O^\)  (/^O^)/


dont forget movie night tickets will be being sold at the door and at lunch tomorrow! if you bring someone froma nother school its 2 dollars! there will be refreshments there!

Hm... It seems that I've overdosed on music. Now I have to go to rehab a.k.a school. Oh, wait. That's for the traditional people :P I go to Compass :P

Ok everyone. Friday is movie night at the school. They will be showing Madacascar 3 @ 6 and after that dark night rises. They will be showing it on the gym wall so bring a pillow and mabey a blanket. $3 for 1 person, $2 for a couple, $5 for a family.....and if i buy a family ticket....can i get a group of people in?
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