Oh and i almost forgot... thank you awesome community for reminding me but here are just a few rules... dont worry they wont be too bad, fOR ME

1. no swearing
2.You can tease people, but dont go so far that it is bullying
3. No posting inappropriate or bad things

Ummm, Nabeeha? Going too fer. You werent born to be awesome or perfect. You were born to be a nuisance. XD

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Hello peoples of the world!
I have a soft heart even though my close friends may say otherwise, well you know its all fun and games with them

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I've always been an anime lover! Just found these randomly chilling around in my Photos file
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Anyone heard of this song? i heard it on the RDMA's and i fell in love with it <3

Anyways... i think im ready to sign off for today, have a great day everyone :D
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