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Monjali or Jogja Kembali Monument is an iconic tourist attractions in Yogyakarta besides Yogyakarta palace. Monjali began construction on June 29, 1985.
Visiting Jogja Kembali Monument as we were repeat history lesson in elementary school, junior high, to high school. Monjali is a purpose-built monument to commemorate the struggle for returning the city of Yogyakarta after the Dutch post-1945 re-Colonize Indonesia Yogyakarta Scramble back to the embrace of the motherland shows that Indonesia is really sovereign and do not want to be colonized. Practically, Netherlands invaders lost as a loser and back to Indonesia Yogya. Therefore called Jogja Kembali Monument.
Jogja Kembali Monument is located on the North Ring Road (Ring Road North), in the Village protruding, Ngaglik, Sleman regency. With this strategic position, Monjali can be accessed from anywhere either by public transport or private vehicles.
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