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Name: Rene Charron
Nickname: "The porcelain doll"
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Eyes: Silver-blue
Hair: Silver-blue
Favorite color: Blue
Sexuality: Lesbian
Master/Slave: Slave
Likes: Genuine and understanding owners
Dislikes: Constantly being sold back to the slave market
Biography: In life she was a lesbian living it day by day and was fairly normal as far as all factors are concerned. One day she fell in love with a woman from afar. Only to unfortunately die in a tragic accident moments later. When in the realm of rest for souls she admired the beauty of this woman immensely almost to a point of worship. This caught the attention of the Realms Commander and in particular he did not like this action so he made her a deal. She could return to life in all her beauty and glamour but on the condition that if she did not kill once every 10 days her body would slowly revert back to the spiritual state.
Extra: Most slavers sell her back to the market because they have dubbed this woman the slave-keepers curse since killing another slave is bad for business in this market which is why she is constantly sold back from unwitting Masters her price as a slave is practically zero. What ever youd be willing to pay for the cursed woman.

Name: Lordloki

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Species: human

Master or slave?: Master

Likes: girls, obedient slaves, breaking slaves into obedience, 

Dislikes: challenges to my dominance, run away slaves, slaves who are disobedient 

Personality: kinds and sweat but if u anger or annoy me u'll feel 10x my rath

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Folks, anyone up for a little fun?
I've been thinking on Damien's first time - he's about 15teenish, his first gay and actually first sexual experience. Got a setting in mind - with an older guy but open to any offers.
~switch: depending on the partner either sub or dom~

name Damien Lou

age early 20s

appearance your regular, pleasant looking small-framed Asian dude, hiding his well-toned muscles under loose shirts

orientation bi, leaning toward gay when bottoming and straight when doming

likes teasing, push'n'pull interactions, bondage, public play

dislikes humiliation, unnecessary use of force

backstory he has never been bought/sold/owned a slave - for him it was always just a shorter- or longer-termed deal, a form of either entertainment or work that he started as a 15 y.o. (open to "replaying" his memories from that age) but how can one tell what the future'll bring?

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(Closed for +Erik torres​.) No! No! I dont want to go with you! Your not going to be my master!!! I said fiercely tugging against the leash, with a nondescript man on the other end trying to pull me with him. I soon turn into a small white kitten that slips right through the leash and this hovering just above his reach on a small incantation platform. The man tries to run after me since he had already paid for me and I dodge in between many people until I hide behind you.

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I'm too lazy to make a profile right now

I'm okay with every kink but my favorite are BDSM and Master/Slave

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Name: Maow Mana
Age: 21
Height: 5ft. 3in.
Wheight: 169
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Powers: Shape shifting (limitted), Levitation (in alternate form only)
Allignment: Submissive slave
Born in: Western region
Bio: Maow and his sister were sold into slavery because they were an undesirable set of children. Yhey got sold into two separate families and eventually went to the slave markets. They are now separated and Maow wants to find his sister.

Hi guys...sorry, I've been gone and such but all my classes are exhausting me and when I get home I just didn't want to do Hentai. But I'm back into the swing of things IRL and I should be back!

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Name: Sky

Nickname: skylar
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Master or slave?: submissive slave
Sexualtity: Straight

Weight: 120

Height: 5’3

Date of Birth: August 1,1999

Likes: being tied up, disobeying masters

Dislikes: being abandoned, being alone

Personality: (secretly) submissive, extremely shy, sweet, and joyful

Powers: None

Bio: People usually confused why they way she is. Because when she was 14 her first master said that she’ll be with him forever until one day her master gotten a wife and he had to throw her out telling her that they were going to store. He tied her leash to the a pole. She still believes that her old master will come back and get her. Sadly no one had taken the poor girl with them
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Name: Zebediah Killgrave


165 lbs




Mind Control via Pheromones: Killgrave possesses the power to sap people's wills, allowing him to command people by simple verbal suggestion. His power originates in his skin cells, which have been mutagenically altered. The sites of pheromone production and other secretions in his deep dermis produce numerous psychoactive chemicals, which, when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, induce in that individual an overwhelming monomania that renders him or her completely without self. Killgrave can simultaneously subjugate as many people as are present within the range of the psychoactive chemicals he exudes. He has been known to enthrall crowds of over 
Killgrave using his powers

Accelerated Healing Factor: Killgrave's body has also been mutated so that he is able to recover rapidly from trauma and to heal from severe injuries.
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