So solo Grayson is in California with courtoon, and she wunts 2 du cartoon voice. But in Chicago , there are no more Saturday morning cartoons !

I like cartoons : I want more cartoon, like : DNA-gents and toomarroe Knights &
Astounding space thrills & exmutants with Ron lim art & hero alliance and
Freak force !

I wonder if bill gates likes cartoons ? And if he wood put up money so non d.c. Comics could get new cartoon shows? And non marvel groop cartoons too ?
Maybe even a Babylon five cartoon ?

P-pul bin tawking about dreadstar 4 a year . And Star Trek discovery is a year behind too. But poor fokes hav not bin getting cbs since b-4 gene siskel got dead ! Why du teevees hav channels that disappear ? And why woent thuh heeroes and icons channel , put on : starlost and tripods and space ghost and herculoids and birdman and Impossibles ? And thuh girl frum toomarroe ? And halfway across thuh galaxy and turn left ? And win will cable less peepul see thuh expanse ?

Captain Kirk had a romance in all 80 Star Trek episodes, so win will we see Kirk,s luv children start popping up ? And if a hundred ships got destroyed by thuh Borg , win will fat girls start popping up in Star Trek ? And valiant comics volume one, was way more fun than volume two or three !

So win will Keith Hamilton Cobb get 2 be shadowman in a show ?
With Halle berry as netty and Kristen Mahon as Marcia Lewis ? And mister massarski frum valiant must hav a heavy son hoo looks like Armstrong !
Frum archer and Armstrong ! One of those highlander actors can play eternal warrior ! And zack Morris could be Magnus/ roebot fiter ?

Doctor who is wairing his 13 th face .so if he gets another face , thale hav 2 say he,s a muetant time lord ! Or that thuh master must hav dun sumthing 2 him

Unless thuh feemale Doctor is going 2 hav a kid ? Maybe starlost will return !

And maybe thuh next Plannit 4 huemins will be called demmeter !
I oenley drank razzberry pop one time ! Walmart duzzint hav inny !

Mister check off,s grand dawter got her hand cut off ! But thair was a bom in it !

Lightning lad,s hand got cut off ! Thay cloned him a nue one ! And Luke sky walker got his hand cut off too ! People should be mor cairful ! We never Hurd of orbital eluhvaytors until, after thuh space shuttuls crash ! So win will Star Trek discovery premiere ?

Could Corey Feldman be thuh voice of vanth dreadstar ? With

Khrystyne haje as willow and wil Wheaton as skeevoe ? And mister data as oedi and Michael Ironsides as hy lord papal ?

Because of Sam zell and the tribune groop, all thuh people hoo was delivering thuh suntimes are out of work ! People duing 20 or less roots never needed cars ! But thuh suntimes is getting smaller and smaller , and so duz thuh print size ! Comic books cost more , so writers can get mor munny , but five dollar comics seems overpriced ! Why aren't all hotdogs all beef ? Except for gyro dogs , of course ?

Wood anybody trade , Lego bricks 4 odd pieces ? Like air conditioner covers ?
And wheel barrels ? And 3 level 2 by 2 pieces ? And what looks like bridge support pieces ? I got lots of Legoes , but very fue pirpul bricks ! One can allways look 4 Legoes in thuh alleys after thuh garbage trucks pass ! Wherever garbage trucks make quick turns , Legoes fall .

On teevee in Chicago , thair are lots of channels b-tween 23 & 24 .
But du we get more twylite zone ? No ! We doent get stargate or stargate Atlantis , or even stargate infinity ? No, no boddy ever told us why teen titans became young justice ! How cum there never was a battlestar galactica cartoon? I want a avant gard cartoon by steve Conley ! It could be an hour long with strange attractors by mike Cohen as thuh secondary bit ! Erik Larson should get 2 du his freak force as a cartoon ! An open space frum marvel should get its own cartoon !

Star fleet,s space acaddemmy is one of 13 sittys , thay are under thuh moon.
P-pul hoo liv on thuh moon , call it luner . A mile b-Loe thuh South Pole of thuh moon . Is wair all thuh water is . It's thuh blue lake. So thuh luner boys and girls hav plintey 2 drink . All Of Earth orfans are Sint 2 thuh moon . Moon rock is ground up 2 git heleum 2 burn 4 heating fuel ! And it's luckey that moest machines can run on heleum or hydrojen .over 1000 Earth girls wirk in stores .
But sum of them wer boys b-4 thay came 2 luner !
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